Calamity Rig Armor

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Calamity Rig Armor


Calamity Rig Armor




Hunter / Titan / Warlock

Defense rating:






The Drifter


Calamity Rig Armor is a Legendary armor set for all three classes that can be obtained from Gambit.

Calamity Rig Mask / Helm / Cowl[edit]

"Always bet on the apocalypse. Best case, you're wrong. Worst case… at least your bag's packed."
— The Drifter


Hey, sister. Or brother. Hell, I don't know who's gonna end up listen' to this. Could be a snitch, an idiot, or somebody who ain't picked a side yet.

And that's perfect, because all this talk about choosin' sides? Noise. Before this is over, the only one's gonna have your back is you—and that's even odds.

Use your head. Think clear, all right? Because there are whispers going around, and you need to know when to plug your ears. Things have been different since Sloane went dark… ooh, poor wording? What's wrong, too soon? Let me tell you that we killed some time on New Arcadia. Learned some things. Listened to the wrong whispers.

Be careful who you trust from here on out, all right? Yeah, that includes me, but I've been tellin' you that since the beginning.

Calamity Rig Grasps / Gauntlets / Gloves[edit]

"The signs are always there, if you know what to look for. Most folks don't."
— The Drifter


You probably heard I'm takin' a little trip—maybe already took one; I don't know when you're gonna listen to this.

Let me say, the only thing that'd get me into the true cold again would have to be big enough to change it all. When you look down and see it's already in your hands, that's hard to walk away from. 'Specially when it was almost yours to begin with.

So yeah, maybe I've got itchy fingers, but I'm the kind of fella who'd pick somethin' up so nobody else gets it—it's a zero-sum game. I take what I can. Only thing is, I'm not takin' it alone.

And you know me. I like to keep some folk close—real close. I feel somebody's hand on my throat, I figure they're about to kill me or kiss me.

Personally, I like to keep my options open.

Calamity Rig Vest / Plate / Robes[edit]

"When the ship goes down, you can't save it. You just gotta choose: go under, or swim."
— The Drifter


How do you feel about all this, hero?

You've got a dead heart beating in your chest right now. Only reason you're still movin' is because somebody's got a job for you and they don't think you're done yet.

Anybody asked for your point of view lately? Lots of changes lately—go here, hunt that. Kill him. Kill her. You tell me, "Hell yeah, Drifter! I live for that stuff!"

I'm tellin' you, yeah, you do. Get me?

Am I guilty as the rest of 'em because I tell you to bank a few Motes? You expect me to tell you to decide for yourself, am I right? You know just enough to be stupid.

I'm asking you how you feel because nobody else will. Trust.

Calamity Rig Strides / Greaves / Boots[edit]

"They say you can't run from what's coming. They obviously haven't seen old Drifter turn on the jets."
— The Drifter


I don't know who you are. Don't know what school you follow, which side you're on—could be heads, could be tails. Could be the edge. Could be you shoot before the coin lands.

Just know I'll be the one picking it up.

You ever hear the story of the fella who painted bullseyes around his bullet holes? Ol' Drifter's plan is coming together—maybe not as clean as I wanted, maybe without the right folk nearby, but it's happening.

That's why I left this message for you, in a place you wouldn't look if you didn't give a damn. Things are changin'—hell, things have already changed—but Drifter's still a safe bet.

And I've still got plenty of time. Just not as much as I did before.

Calamity Rig Cloak / Mark / Bond[edit]

"Funny how nobody listens to doomsayers. They're the most honest folk I know."
— The Drifter


Being one of the Light's chosen blessed magic babies means you always come back with what you lost. So if frostbite's weighin' on your mind lately, put it aside. Ain't that it don't hurt—I mean, it hurts—but comes a time you can lose a toe and not think twice about it, aside from figurin' if you could drop enough to make a stew.

(You can't, if you're askin'.)

What I'm sayin' is, you can walk the edge if your feet are tough enough. Oughta be high up enough that you can see what's on both sides before you decide which one to hop down to.

You get me? If you follow the Drifter, don't wear your nice shoes.

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