Crystocrene Suit

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Crystocrene Suit


Crystocrene Suit




Hunter / Titan / Warlock


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Crystocrene Suit is a Legendary armor set available for all three classes. Pieces are unlocked through a series of quests on Europa, after which they become available through activity completions on the moon.

Crystocrene Cowl / Helm / Hood[edit]

"Your most valuable organ is your brain. Keep it safe with specially carbon-molded headgear."
— Excerpt from the Eventide Welcome Guide

Crystocrene Grips / Gauntlets / Gloves[edit]

"Busy hands are warm hands! Do your part for the colony in these extra-insulated work gloves."
— Excerpt from the Eventide Welcome Guide

Crystocrene Vest / Plate / Robes[edit]

"Conserving body heat is key to staving off hypothermia; a serious risk on Europa."
— Excerpt from the Eventide Welcome Guide

Crystocrene Strides / Greaves / Boots[edit]

"Ultra-light ion shielding keeps you protected AND mobile in a radiated, rapidly changing climate."
— Excerpt from the Eventide Welcome Guide

Crystocrene Cloak / Mark / Bond[edit]

"Prepare for your arctic adventure with the very best in Bray outfitting!"
— Excerpt from the Eventide Welcome Guide


  • According to artist Dima Goryainov, the appearance of the Crystocrene Suit was primarily inspired by hockey padding and soldiers in winter gear, among others, and were designed according to an intended role in fighting the House of Salvation.[1]
    • Hunters serve as self-sufficient, stealthy scouts, and were inspired by military scouts and special forces.
    • Titans serve a frontline combat role, and took influence from soldiers carrying heavy equipment and Mount Everest climbers.
    • Warlocks carry minimal gear and take on a combat support role, with an appearance that causes them to be described as an apparition by the Fallen. Their gear was additionally inspired by WW2-era snowsuits, Mamuthones ritual costumes of the Nuragic civilization, and illustrations from the French graphic novel series The Incal.

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