Mihaylova's Chosen Suit

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Mihaylova's Chosen Suit


Mihaylova's Armor





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Tess Everis


Mihaylova's Armor is a Legendary Warlock armor set that was available from Eververse engrams during Season 3 of Destiny 2.

Mihaylova's Triumph[edit]

"Think. And keep thinking. Stay seven thoughts ahead, always."
— Armor description


Mihaylova Supplemental
Navigator's Journal—Encrypted Supplemental—
Path to Ares: 20 days to Launch

The situation with E becomes increasingly tenuous. She insists she needs access to all the AI code for her gravity well measurements, which I find highly unlikely. It's simply not necessary and I've given her all the subroutine code that she could possibly need.

But she wants it all. It's absurd. What would she make of the R subsystems if she saw them?

R. That's what I've code-named the deepest core of the experimental AI at the heart of the new ship. And he's doing very well, now writing his own code. Off-the-charts well.

Would E even understand? Likely she'd go running to Hardy, show him some of the odder items where R has written some of his own code and seems to be—how can I put it? —passing judgment on us, like a little hidden critic. No. The AI must be protected so that he can function best in the limited way we need.

Not sure how to keep her away, but giving her access could be catastrophic.

Mihaylova's Instruments[edit]

"Ask yourself: what are you reaching for, and what will you do to get it?"
— Armor description


Mihaylova Supplemental
Path to Ares: 75 Days To Launch
From: M. Mihaylova
To: Journal of Artificial Intelligence Exploration
Re: Comfort

I read with interest your article on the work at the Uppsala Center on the use of AI in aiding emergency medical workers during the recent tsunamis in Japan. In light of the news of that large, mysterious moon (satellite? ship?) entering our solar system, I do not agree that "AI can be of help in more than logistics; it can make people safe."

I feel certain that this Moon X is an intelligence, perhaps an AI, and I don't feel safe with it at all, do you? But bear this in mind: for our own AI to serve us well, it will need secrets too.

For AI to serve Humanity, we must feel comfortable, and for us to feel comfortable, we must never know the truth: that we have a servant who would surpass us if ever it desired. Of course it won't, because we control it. But we should not doubt that it is a necessary subterfuge nonetheless.

Dr. M. Mihaylova
Nicholas & Alexandra University

Mihaylova's Choice[edit]

"Good, bad… we walk around looking like everyone else."
— Armor description


Mihaylova Supplemental
Nicholas & Alexandra University
Provost's Office
Path to Ares: 65 days to launch

[loud crashing noise—apparently a slamming office door]
Mihaylova: Have you seen my lab? What in the world is going on?
Provost: Have they already been in?
M: Who's "they"? The computers are gone. The cabinets have been emptied out.
P: Oh, well, this isn't how it was supposed to go. Dr. Mihaylova. Please, sit.
M: I will not sit! What's happening? Have I been terminated? What are you people—
P: For heaven's sake. No. Your equipment is safe. It's been moved. You've been chosen to design the AI for the Catamaran mission.
M: I'm in the middle of my research here.
P: Well, now you're going to continue it there. And look— you'll be a household name.
M: I don't have any interest in that.
P: Ah! But they're interested in you. Hang on.
M: What?
P: I just sent you your itinerary. You're on a flight, Dr. Mihaylova. This afternoon. You're going to meet your computers at Central Command in Florida. Look at it this way: you'll get some sun.

Mihaylova's Path[edit]

"What you pursue, those are your values. Everything else is noise."
— Armor description


File:Mihaylova, Engineer, Ares One
Path to Ares: Unknown date
Old Russia Agency of Technology & Science
Documentary Interview
—partially recovered—

Mihaylova: —had to start a lot of that over.
Insurance Agent: Let's talk about your background. You were one of the heroes of the Ares One, right?
M: Heroes! Ha! No, no. We were scientists.
IA: Very well. So as a scientist, the system you designed—
M: I designed the AI.
IA: And did the AI run the mission?
M: Oh, no, it couldn't have back then. We had no idea what we were going to find. Moon X was a terraformer; we could run into oceans, storms… and indeed, landing was a mess.
So we needed the best AI with extreme flexibility. Because it would be better if Hardy could take the ship in his hands.
Project Catamaran was secret and probably dead as soon as it started. Crazy, to run out and meet something like that.
It was good work. Most of the AI code I started there didn't really get used for the mission but it came in handy. I mean, where do you think—

Mihaylova's Tale[edit]

"What you fight for is what you value. Everything else is words."
— Armor description


Mihaylova Supplemental
Navigator's Journal—Encrypted Supplemental—
A/V Recording
Clubhouse Canteen
Path to Ares: 3 days to Launch

Evie: Listen, I wanted to talk to you alone.
Mihaylova: All right.
E: Have you read some of these outputs? I think there are some serious errors here.
M: Don't be absurd.
E: You've got… it's got these code caches and it's… M, it's creating assessments of us. Of the project, of the crew. It commented on Qiao's snoring when he was asleep. Look, here…
M: Did you print that out?
E: Of course.
M: OK. All right. So what do you propose?
E: Bringing it to Hardy.
M: Ugh. Of course.
E: What's that supposed to mean?
M: I mean… look. Um. You're right. It must be an error. This is all embarrassing. Let me see if I can fix it. Give me a day.
E: We don't have a day!
M: Twelve hours, then. Let me try to locate the problem. And if I can't, of course we'll take it to the whole team.
E: Are you certain you can?
M: Oh, I have to. Twelve hours. By then I swear, we'll have it all squared away.

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