Cinder Pinion Suit

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Cinder Pinion Suit


Cinder Pinion Suit




Hunter / Titan / Warlock

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Lord Shaxx


Cinder Pinion Suit is a Legendary armor set for all three classes that can be obtained from the Crucible.

Cinder Pinion Mask / Helm / Cowl[edit]

"It's not enough to react! You must predict your opponent's next move if you hope to counter it."
— Lord Shaxx


"Do I fear it?"

Lord Shaxx stooped to bring himself slightly closer to the recruit's eye level.

"Tell me: if I were to wear your helmet, would I fight as you do?"

The Guardian shrank visibly and shook her head.

"Of course not. We use the weapons of our enemies, but we do not become them. Do you know why that is?"

The recruit stayed silent. Shaxx put his hand on her shoulder.

"Because a weapon does not change a warrior. If a weapon makes you a monster, you were a monster to begin with."

He turned to the other Guardians.

"We are surrounded by fear. It presses on us from every direction. If you fear the hearts of your brothers and sisters, then speak to them."

Shaxx nudged the recruit. She tentatively raised her hand and summoned a fistful of Stasis crystals. He nodded with approval.

"If the heart you fear is your own," he said gently, "speak to me."

Cinder Pinion Grasps / Gauntlets / Gloves[edit]

"Ikora Rey still holds the record for most consecutive victories in the Crucible. No one else has come close."
— Armor description


It was the morning of the new Crucible season when the shout echoed through the Tower.

Master Rahool flinched, fumbling his engram.

Commander Zavala looked up from his desk.

Kadi 55-30 hurried to steady a haphazard pile of shipments.

In the Hangar, a flock of well-fed pigeons took wing.


Cinder Pinion Vest / Plate / Robes[edit]

"Your Light is a flame, Guardian. Kindle it, and hear it roar."
— Lord Shaxx


Lord Shaxx charged onto the Crucible field.

"Gather close, my champions," he shouted. "Yes, both teams. I want to congratulate you."

The Guardians peeked warily from cover, then assembled before Shaxx.

"I remember the first time I saw a Hard Light shot bounce around a corner," he began. "The first time I handed over a Mountaintop. The first Guardian to bring Gjallarhorn to my Crucible."

The huge man shook his head fondly.

"I know the powers you hold will soon be commonplace, but I wanted to acknowledge you for being among the first to bring them here. To me."

"Thank you for showing me your crystal columns," he said to a Titan.

"For the swirling maelstrom brought by your staff," he said, nodding at a Warlock.

"And you!"

He walked to a Hunter in a few long strides and clapped him on the back. The Hunter tumbled to the ground so hard, his weapons reloaded.

"You threw scythes at them!" boomed Shaxx gleefully.

He helped the Hunter to his feet, then turned back toward the group. "May your strength guide us through whatever troubles are yet to come," he said, and saluted. The Guardians bowed.

Lord Shaxx stood proudly for a moment, his hands on his hips. "What are you waiting for?" he cried. "Resume the match!" And the Guardians fell upon each other once more.

Cinder Pinion Strides / Greaves / Boots[edit]

"They can't kill what they can't catch. Take flight."
— Lord Shaxx


The dejected Warlock walked away from the Crucible with his Ghost hovering over his shoulder.

"He noticed, didn't he," said the Warlock flatly.

"Don't know what you mean," lied the Ghost.

"Shaxx. He saw when I—" the Warlock spread his hands, fingers splayed, and wiggled his fingertips.

The Ghost shrugged his points and gave a noncommittal beep. "He may have."

The Warlock groaned. "How bad did it look?"

The Ghost made a sympathetic noise. "Not bad."

The Warlock stared blankly at his Ghost.

"Okay, pretty bad," the Ghost admitted. "You shattered."

"Shattered… how?"

"Like a statue somebody knocked over," said the Ghost. "You just went everywhere. Everything broke except for your boots."

The Warlock exhaled slowly. "And Shaxx saw?"

"He probably did, yeah."

The Warlock shrank into his hood. "What makes you think so?"

"Well, because," the Ghost said carefully, "he said you had nice boots."

Cinder Pinion Cloak / Mark / Bond[edit]

"You're angry they defeated you? They just did you a favor! Now you know what to improve."
— Lord Shaxx


Lord Shaxx looked down at the City as he spoke.

"The children in the City have always played at being Guardians. Shouting about their hammers and shields, swinging branches as Dawnblades. Many a time, I would pretend to be slain by one of their attacks as I walked through the City, and they would always laugh."

He gripped the railing in his fist.

"Now they shout different words as they play. They call forth different powers. When struck, they hold positions, freeze in place, keep still. Their smiles fix on their faces. They fall perfectly quiet."

He began to say something else and gestured emptily toward the City, but his hand fell to his side. He turned toward you.

"You and I, we are warriors. We know the weight of our weapons when we draw them. But the children…"

His voice was quiet.

"It unsettles me."


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