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"Deliveries and messages are left with the Postmaster to be collected by Guardians when their travels bring them home."
— In-game description
Kadi 55-30
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Kadi 55-30 is a Frame Postmaster in the Tower that serves multiple purposes. Kadi stores messages for Guardians, and sometimes rewards for certain actions. For example, Kadi will reward them with a rare material or Glimmer for completing a gold-tier Public Event. The Postmaster will also collect any Engrams a Guardian might have missed in their last mission.[1]


  • "How can I help?"
  • "Searching..."
  • "Guardian?"
  • "Please Guardian; it's busy."
  • "Let's check, you must have messages."
  • "Hmm.. Anything for you?"
  • "Oh, let me check right away."
  • "Message for Shaxx. Message for Shaxx. Oh dear... he hits."
  • "Full of rocks? Books. Books for the Titans. Too heavy."
  • "All done all done."
  • "Package received. Spare parts. Oh my."
  • "Package for Xûr. What's Xûr?"
  • "Package for the Gunsmith. Oh dear. Tick Tick Tick."
  • "Package for Warlock. Stop floating. Bad package."
  • "Bad address. That Tower's empty. Isn't it?"
  • "Package for Commander Zavala. Kind man."
  • "Package for The Speaker."
  • "Whenever you need me again, Guardian."
  • "Your name?"
  • "Name, Guardian?"
  • "Checking, checking, checking."
  • "Dead Orbit package. Spare parts, leaking, oh dear."
  • "Down to The City and up again. Down and up again. Oh, dear."
  • "Inappropriate picture message received from Cayde."
  • "Hi again, Guardian."
  • "Hi again!"
  • "Oh dear, Oh dear, A55BRR and DGS6 are down!"

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