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The Cassoid symbol.
"Very good. Must let Cassoid know this is adequate. But don't let it get to their heads."

Cassoid is a weapon foundry of the City. Banshee-44 is a client.[1] Cassoid weapons naming scheme is typically two Latin words followed by a Roman numeral (i.e. Nox Cantor V).


Based on the naming of the Nox Cantor Fusion Rifle, the Nox Veneris, Nox Echo, Nox Lumen, Nox Cordis, Nox Calyx, and Nox Reve Fusion Rifles from Destiny 2 are of Cassiod manufacture. The Cartesian Coordinate is Cassiod as well due to its resemblance to the Nox Lumen.

Other Cassoid weapons from Destiny 2 include the Ded Acumen and Ded Nemoris shotguns, the Luna Nullis sniper rifle, the Ros Lysis auto rifle, the Trax Lysis, Trax Arda, and Trax Dynia scout rifles, the Nightshade (similar dot pattern as the Nox Veneris), Psi Cirrus, Psi Ferox, and Psi Termina pulse rifles, the Mos Ultima hand cannon, the Mos Epoch rocket launcher, and the Para Torus grenade launcher.

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