Symmetrists' Suit

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Symmetrists' Suit


Symmetrists' Suit





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Eververse Trading Company


Tess Everis


Symmetrists' Suit is a Legendary Warlock armor set that can be acquired from Eververse Trading Company. It was later made available as a universal ornament for all Warlock legendary armors.

Symmetrists' Mask[edit]

"You do not hate me. You hate the idea that I might be right."

Symmetrists' Palms[edit]

"One day you will realize… Light alone is not enough."
— Ulan-Tan

Symmetrists' Habit[edit]

"I wish the Light could 'win,' as you put it. But we must accept that it's just not that simple."
— Ulan-Tan

Symmetrists' Balance[edit]

"Whatever came for us… it will come again. That is the nature of symmetry."
— Ulan-Tan

Bond of Reciprocity[edit]

"In the darkness, light shines more brightly, and where light shines, it casts a shadow."
— Ulan-Tan



That's the thing, isn't it? No one wants to listen. They only pay attention once you're dead.

Ulan-Tan was the greatest mind of his time, and so, of course, he was wholly overlooked. You did not even give him the crown of a heretic—not until he was already gone.

You had him! But he slipped beneath your notice. And now that he's gone, you parrot his ideas like they're your own. You say the words! You play the part! Some of you even wear the costume.

I hear you describe him as he must have been in life. His bright face. His shining bond. Every tile he stepped on turned to gold, and everyone sang his praises in the streets.

Jackals! He was threadbare and haggard! He was mocked for his meandering rants! You've dug up his grave to chew on his bones; you've twisted his words into something false. Something yours. There's no substance to you. You preach the sermon, but you will not—could not!—live the teaching. Not as I have.

This is not what his genius deserved.

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