Armor of Sekris

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Armor of Sekris


Armor of Sekris







Leviathan, Eater of Worlds


Werner 99-40


The Armor of Sekris is a Legendary Warlock armor acquired in the Raid Lair Leviathan, Eater of Worlds.

Mask of Sekris[edit]

"Five Lights. Too many to fight. I loosed web grenades and fled."
Sekris, Baron of Shanks

Sekris, the Baron of Shanks, wore this last. He was the most venerated warrior-priest of his era; Taniks, the Scarred and a whole generation of mercenaries to come patterned their brutality after his early, worlds-burning deeds. But I reached out, and he disappeared from history when he ventured into the deep black, following an offer he could not ignore.

Calus, Emperor of the Cabal

Wraps of Sekris[edit]

"My stealth skin kept me secret. I just watched. To my dismay, the dead Light stood up. Shook himself off."
— Sekris, Baron of Shanks

Desperate. My lovely Baron of Shanks was the most desperate Shadow I ever recruited. He questioned every order I gave, to the point that Valus Nohr required my personal appeasement to prevent the severing of his head.

Every second Humankind was left alive in this system he saw as an affront he demanded I rectify. Had I known how delightful encountering Guardians would be, I would have abided immediately. But those were the days before my dear Dominus had embraced the Light. At that time, what was Humanity to me?


—Calus, Emperor of the Cabal

Robes of Sekris[edit]

"There was a sixth Light. He cut me and I cut him, but I had more arms. He fell in pieces."
— Sekris, Baron of Shanks

I promised Sekris a greater power than the favor of your Traveler. He died at Ghaul's hands still wondering what that could possibly be.

In later days, my disguise could no longer fool him as it fooled others. His skill in designing and modifying mechanized life-forms was unparalleled and he made it clear he knew I was not what I appeared to be. I made it clear that, either way, he would continue to serve. But I think he guessed that my form and my strength are inextricably linked.

—Calus, Emperor of the Cabal

Boots of Sekris[edit]

"The fiercest Light emerged from the tangle of the web grenade. The amethyst divider on his helmet gleamed with rage. I was gone by then. I'm no fool."
— Sekris, Baron of Shanks

Sekris's skill with cybernetics and Servitor mechanics allowed him a far greater lifespan than most of his kind. One of the reasons I picked him to Shadow me, and his peers were left to languish.

The Baron of Shanks could even recall a time when the Traveler had blessed his people. He rarely spoke of it, even to me, and I didn't press him. When one knows what Calus knows, Traveler-lore is meaningless. But I mention it only to say that he despised your kind with a particular ferocity that most of his people could not muster.

I admired that passion.

—Calus, Emperor of the Cabal

Bond of Sekris[edit]

"I never forgot what I saw—the gift the Great Machine could bestow. And Calus promised me more."
— Sekris, Baron of Shanks

Sekris was so like you. Barring the Light, of course. The absence of the Traveler in his people's lives has marked them like a scar, and they cannot forget it. His people—they envy you a great deal. When I think of him, and the hate he had for your homeworld and the benefits the Traveler bestowed upon it, I am reminded of the passion you have for its defense.

Be like Sekris. Don't share his weakness, his questioning of my authority and right of way. But consider taking up his mantle.

Give the Fallen something else to be jealous of.

Seek me out and grow fat from strength.

—Calus, Emperor of the Cabal

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