Season of the Chosen

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Season of the Chosen
Start date:

February 9th, 2021

End date:

May 11th, 2021

Previous season:

Season of the Hunt

Next season:

Season of the Splicer

"I'll sharpen my gilded knife, and see you both on the battlefield."
Empress Caiatl

Season of the Chosen was the thirteenth season of Destiny 2, which lasted from February 9, 2021 to May 11th, 2021. It features the Cabal proposing an alliance with Humanity to purge the Hive from the system.


"THE NEW EMPRESS: With the Pyramids and Xivu Arath destabilizing the system, Empress Caiatl, leader of the Cabal and daughter of Calus, seeks an alliance. But when she demands more than Zavala can offer, negotiations collapse, and Guardians must become the tip of the spear that strikes at her growing war council."
— Season description[1]

This new season brings with it a new three-player matchmaking activity: Battlegrounds, in which the Guardians will challenge Caiatl's champions in ritual combat. This activity will be overseen from the H.E.L.M., a Vanguard staging ground in The Last City which will include a war table and an updated Umbral Decoder. The Guardian Games will also return this season as each class fights for the honor of proving themselves the best.[1]


New Story Missions[edit]

New & Remastered Strikes[edit]

New Loot[edit]

Over twenty-five new weapons, including two new exotic weapons and Nightfall exclusive loot.

New Lore Books[edit]




Guardians, Residents of the Last City, and their Allies
The Cabal Empire
The Fallen
The Hive
The Reef
Other Characters




Vehicles, Equipment, and Technology

Weapons and Armor


  • Season of the Chosen is the first season to introduce three Strikes.
    • Two of those three Strikes are returning Strikes from Destiny, with the last being a new strike.