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Tribute Hall


Leviathan, Nessus Orbit

Hostile races:


Connecting areas:

Ascendant Plane (The Other Side)
The Descent (Duality)


Area type:


A golden hall of wonders created by the Emperor to celebrate your legacy.

The Tribute Hall is a location on Emperor Calus's flagship, the Leviathan, created as a tribute to the Guardian's various triumphs during Season of Opulence. It primarily features the Visage of Calus, which is set up for 'worthy creatures to kneel before'.

After the Arrival of the Black Fleet during Season of Arrivals, the Tribute Hall would vanish with Calus and his Leviathan. With the (now Derelict) Leviathan's re-emergence during Season of the Haunted, the Tribute Hall acts as the first and final room of the Duality Dungeon, now overgrown with Egregore Fungus, much like the rest of the ship.


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With the release of Beyond Light, the Tribute Hall (as it was during Season of Opulence) has been placed in the Destiny Content Vault, meaning it is currently not accessible in game.

You could buy Tributes from the Visage of Calus at the cost of Glimmer and World Resources. The following are all the Tributes you could have purchased from the Visage of Calus;

Bright Dust Tributes[edit]

Triumph Tributes[edit]

Guardian (Legendary Shards)[edit]

  • Primary Ammo Tribute (1/5)
  • Special Ammo Tribute (2/5)
  • Heavy Ammo Tribute (3/5)
  • Shard of the Traveler Tribute (4/5)
  • Vault Tribute (5/5)

Fallen (Dusklight Shards)[edit]

Hive (Alkane Dust)[edit]

Cabal (Phaseglass Needles)[edit]

Vex (Microphasic Datalattice)[edit]

Quest Tributes[edit]

These Tributes were awarded from Invitation from the Emperor Quest progress. Each is named after a Royal Beast.

  • Memory of B'ael
  • Memory of Aru'un
  • Memory of M'orn
  • Memory of Gra'ask
  • Memory of Ta'aurc

The Visage of Calus also sold Champion Bounties, which could be used to lower the cost of Tributes, with a maximum of 4 per day. Buying 45 Tributes allowed you to earn Bad Juju's Catalyst.

List of Appearances[edit]