Legendary Shards

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"Remnants of powerful items. Used to improve gear or trade for other items."
— In-game description
Legendary Shards.jpg

Legendary Shards is a currency in Destiny 2. They are used to purchase items, mainly Exotic gears and Fated Engrams from Xûr, Agent of the Nine, and to infuse gear to make them stronger.

How to obtain[edit]

Legendary Shards can be obtained through a variety of methods:[1]

  • Dismantle Legendary gear (produces 3 Shards)
  • Dismantle Exotic gear (produces 5 Shards)
  • Dismantle non-Eververse shaders (produces 1 Shard)
  • Defeat Strike bosses (rare drop)
  • Complete weekly Nightfalls
  • Complete weekly Flashpoints
  • Complete Scrapper bounties
  • Loot planetary chests (rare drop)
  • Loot Lost Sector chests
  • Loot Raid chests
  • Complete Raid objectives
  • Purchase from The Spider

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