Spoils of Conquest

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Spoils of Conquest is a Raid-exclusive currency that was introduced in the Beyond Light expansion and can be earned by completing encounters or opening hidden chests in a Raid. They take the appearance of a golden hexagon with the raid symbol emblazoned onto it. They can be used to obtain certain Raid-exclusive Exotics fron the Monument To Lost Lights, purchase Weapons and Armor tied to a specific Raid from the Spoils vendor at the end of Raids from Deep Stone Crypt onwards, and used in conjunction with the Deepsight Harmonizer to activate Deepsight on Raid-exclusive weapons that do not have its Pattern unlocked already. Spoils of Conquest have an inventory cap of 240.

Available Purchases[edit]

Spoils of Conquest can be used to buy gear from the following raids:

They can also be used to purchase the Legend of Acrius, Anarchy, Tarrabah, and the Always on Time Sparrow from the Monument to Lost Lights.