Monument To Lost Lights

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The Monument to Lost Lights is a vendor located between the two vault kiosks in the Tower. At the Monument, players can purchase Exotic Weapons that are now unobtainable through their original means. Players can also acquire Pinnacle Weapons from past seasons.

The cost to purchase weapons from the Monument to Lost Lights ranges, but all Exotics require an Exotic Cipher, which can be acquired through Xûr, Agent of the Nine. All exotic weapons cost Ascendant Shards and Glimmer and most also require World Materials such as Baryon Bough. Some Exotics, however, originated from Raids and thus require Spoils of Conquest instead of World Materials.

Exotic Weapon List[edit]

Below is a list of every exotic weapon that can be purchased from the Monument to Lost Lights as well as their associated cost. This symbol: ¥ will be used to mark weapons that cost Spoils of Conquest or otherwise unique materials.

The Red War



Beyond Light

The Witch Queen


The Final Shape

Pinnacle/Ritual Weapons[edit]

Below is a list of every Pinnacle Weapon that can be acquired from the Monument to Lost Lights. Unlike the Exotic weapons, Pinnacle weapons are purchased with Legendary Shards and Enhancement Prisms instead of World Materials. Most weapons cost 75,000 Glimmer, 100 Legendary Shards, 2 Enhancement Prisms and 1 Ascendant Shard and those with different prices will be listed with their price.

Ritual Weapons

Vanguard Weapons

Crucible Weapons

Gambit Weapons


Some of the weapons listed under Ritual Weapons have ornaments that can be purchased for 75,000 Glimmer, 100 Legendary Shards, 2 Enhancement Prisms, and 1 Ascendant Shard.