Oxygen SR3

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Oxygen SR3
A screenshot of Oxygen SR3.
Production overview





Rarity class:


Weapon type:

Scout Rifle

Min-max impact:


Min-max stability:


Min-max handling:


Min-max magazine:



Feed system:

Fluid Magazine

Ammunition type:


Rate of fire:




Effective range:


Service history




"Fight on. You're still breathing."
— Weapon description

Oxygen SR3 is a Legendary Scout Rifle that can be acquired from the Redeployment Pinnacle Weapon quest given by Commander Zavala. The quest requires you to complete the triumph The Best Offense. This weapon always drops with a +10 range masterwork, even from collections.


Scarves of mist gusted through the Tower bazaar. It was quiet: The civilians had taken shelter hours ago when the rain was coming down in earnest, and most Guardians still awake had congregated in the Courtyard.

Zavala and Ikora sat together on a wooden trellis, legs dangling, soaked to the bone, looking out at the City lights below.

"Aunor leaked about a dozen documents today," Ikora said.

Despite himself, Zavala smiled. "Did she?"

"I managed to redact a few, but. She embedded the rest in your manifests."

"She reminds me a lot of you."

Ikora nodded, then leaned back to look up at the rain as it fell. "Yes. I agree."

Rain beaded on the tip of Zavala's nose. He raised his hand to brush it away, keeping his gaze fixed steadily on the City. "What would you have me do?"

"Nothing. She's mine to manage, and… She's not a child. None of them are, Zavala. We owe them all more than we're giving."

"Yes…" he agreed, then added gently, "But they owe us more than they're giving, too."

Ikora chuckled dryly. "Yes. Of course. The benefit of the doubt. And compassion. But." She squinted against the rain. "Our feelings don't matter right now. We need to be people they want to follow, not people they mistrust and want to fight."

"Respect is mutual," Zavala said, "but I agree." He took a deep breath, looking up at the belly of the Traveler: present but inert. Completely, maddeningly, heartrendingly inert. "We will be better. This will pass."

Ikora closed her eyes.

They were quiet a while.

"I wish Cayde were here," she whispered.

Zavala set his hand on Ikora's knee and swallowed a knot in his throat. "Me, too."


Column 1 (Intrisnic)[edit]

  • Precision Frame: This weapon's recoil pattern is more predictably vertical.

Column 2 (Barrel)[edit]

  • Polygonal Rifling: Barrel optimized for recoil reduction. *Increases stability

Column 3 (Magazine)[edit]

  • Accurized Rounds: This weapon can fire longer distances. *Increases range

Column 4 (Trait)[edit]

  • Dragonfly: Precision kills create an elemental damage explosion.

Column 5 (Trait)[edit]

  • Meganeura: Dragonfly deals more damage based on the number of precision hits dealt beforehand.


  • The icon for Meganeura shows a dragonfly which references back to the Firefly perk name.

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