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Weapon Foundry

Notable information:

  • Weapons powered by liquid ammunition
    Emphasis put on innovation and experimentation, both in design and technology

Omolon is a weapon foundry of the City.[1] Omolon is a pioneer of energy weapons, with an emphasis on good handling and behavioral perks over stat modification. The foundry is responsible for the creation of the first trace rifle.

Omolon weapons are generally black or aqua in color, and feature experimental, ergonomic designs.[2] Their weapons follow a naming scheme where an abyssal or cthonic entity is followed by the initials of the weapon's class and a number (i.e. Acheron SR5). Omolon is one of three foundries featured in Armsday.

Design Philosophy[edit]

  • Experimental, bordering on irresponsible.
  • Powered by barely understood technology.
  • A fusion of the mad scientist and product engineer of the new frontier.
  • Hallmark is the liquid ammo displays and Omolon power cells.
  • Omolon is the future returned.


Destiny 2[edit]

Auto Rifles Fusion Rifles Grenade
Hand Cannons Pulse Rifles Scout Rifles Sidearms Sniper Rifles Submachine
Trace Rifles
Ghost shell Jumpship Sparrow Armor



Omolon emblem available in Destiny
Omolon Upgrade emblem available in Destiny 2
  • According to Tower NPC dialogue, Omolon does most of its business with Warlocks, attributed to their preference for the liquid fuel used in Omolon weapons.
  • Omolon has never sold a Kinetic weapon.
  • Omolon has the second largest catalog of Exotic weapons from a distinct foundry, and are tied with the Black Armory and bested only by Tex Mechanica
  • It is speculated that some of the weapons introduced during Season of Arrivals were Omolon, most notably Cold Denial, Hollow Words, and False Promises.
    • Unfortunately the only evidence to suggest this is the Dark Waters ornament for Cold Denial, which is inconclusive as there are multiple non-canon ornaments.


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