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Aunor Mahal
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"The Praxic Order doesn’t hesitate, doesn’t stop. If we can prove you’ve done demonstrable harm to humanity or the City, doesn’t matter how far or how fast you run. We’ll catch you. And you’ll face Praxic Fire."
— Aunor

Aunor Mahal is a Warlock and zealous member of the Praxic Order who opposed the continued presence of The Drifter in the Tower. She is also secretly a member of The Hidden in service to Ikora Rey. Aunor is partnered with the Ghost Bahaghari.


Opposing The Drifter[edit]

"You want my professional opinion? Ideas are powerful things, and the Drifter has too many. Board that travesty he calls a ship and throw him out an airlock, before the City sees another Dark Age."
— Aunor, in her report to the Consensus on the Drifter

Aunor was asked by Commander Zavala to represent the Praxic Order at a Consensus meeting about The Drifter. As she arrived, Aunor heard Zavala declaring that he saw no reason to deny the Drifter a more permanent lease within the Tower. Aunor immediately protested and informed the Consensus that the Praxic Order was recommending the Drifter be immediately exiled from the Last City and were prepared to do it themselves if necessary. Zavala acknowledged her opinion, but stated that all Guardians were welcome in the Last City, causing Aunor to cut him off and angrily declare that the Drifter was no Guardian. The Titan Vanguard continued, amending that all beings willing to fight in defense of the City were welcome. She retorted that he had invited her there for the Praxic Order's opinion and then addressed the rest of the Consensus, declaring that her order regarded the Drifter and his experimentation with the Darkness as a threat equal to that of Dominus Ghaul and Oryx, the Taken King. Ignoring interruptions from Executor Hideo and Ikora Rey, Aunor pointed out that the Drifter was encouraging Guardians to utilize Taken to kill fellow Guardians in Gambit. When Zavala noted there had been not final deaths, she shot back that there were no final deaths that they knew of and accused the Consensus of letting the Drifter normalize interaction with and manipulation of the Taken. Aunor reported that the Praxic Order had seen a record number of Guardians go rogue in recent months, causing Aarch Jalaal to mock her and question what "rogue" even meant. She continued on, noting that her filed report to them contained information on Guardians who had adopted the title of "Dredgen". Aunor warned that the Drifter's ideas were far too dangerous to allow in the City and recommended throwing him out of his ship's airlock before he brought another Dark Age upon the City, but the Consensus merely stared at her in silence. Declaring that she had paperwork to file and that they knew where to find her office, Aunor stormed out of the Consensus chamber. As she left, she spotted a maintenance worker she had passed by earlier seemingly asleep in the entrance area with a hat covering his face, which she found suspicious. Unbeknownst to Aunor, the maintenance worker was in fact the Drifter, who was disguised to spy on the meeting.[1]

Investigating the Young Wolf[edit]

"You know I have the Vanguard's best interests in mind. And now that I know our hero can be trusted, maybe I’ve found the help I need."
— Aunor to Ikora after finishing her investigation

The next day, Aunor began investigating the possibility that the Young Wolf, the hero of the Red War, may have been responsible for the murder of Cayde-6 during the Scorn Barons breakout from the Prison of Elders. Utilizing one of the labs within the Gensym Scribes complex, Aunor viewed records and footage recovered from Sundance, the Ghost of Cayde-6, during the last moments of her life. As she viewed the footage, the Drifter entered the lab disguised as another Warlock. Aware of the true identity of the Warlock,[2] Aunor greeted him and stated she would not be using the lab much longer. The Drifter told her he was in no hurry and that he had always wanted to see a Praxic Warlock at work. Assuring him that it was glamorous, Aunor created a full-room simulation of Sundance's last moments before she was shot by Pirrha, the Rifleman. As the lab's computer confirmed the footage had not been altered, Aunor focused on the bullet that destroyed Sundance, at which point the Drifter noted a normal Scorn bullet could not destroy a Ghost. Ignoring him, she had the computer identify the projectile as a Devourer Bullet, which were normally fired from Weapons of Sorrow and their Hive equivalents.[3]

Without looking at him, Aunor asked her fellow "Warlock" what he thought, and the Drifter suggested that Hiraks, the Mindbender could have crafted the bullet since he had a throne room. Aunor dismissed this idea, noting that Hiraks had used Cayde's death to craft his throne world. She then asked for his name, which the Drifter gave as Finch and he inquired as to what she was investigating. She revealed her suspicions about the Young Wolf, and "Finch" questioned if the Vanguard would be happy with her investigating one of the Last City's greatest heroes. Aunor responded that the City allowed Lightbearers to get away with a lot of things, which "Finch" agreed with and asked if the Young Wolf was actually at fault. She told the false Warlock that he could read her report once the Vanguard published it, and as "Finch" began to leave he questioned what would happen if she found the Young Wolf did have a hand in killing Cayde. Aunor vowed that any who sought to harm the Last City or humanity would be hunted down by the Praxic Order and forced to face the full fury of the Praxic Fire. "Finch" told her that she was scary, and Aunor finally turned to look at the false Warlock and told him that he had no idea how true that was. As the Drifter departed, Aunor called out to him questioning if he still needed lab time, but he responded that he had just remembered he was busy. Once the disguised Lightbearer was gone, Aunor waited in silence for a moment before ordering the lab's computer to replay the footage.[3]

Moments after the Drifter departed, Ikora entered into the lab with her Ghost Ophiuchus and wondered if the Drifter was dumb enough to think they did not recognize him. Aunor interrupted her, noting that she had been tempted to shoot him in the back with her shotgun and wait for his Ghost to arrive, surmising that it had to be somewhere close. Ikora reminded her that the Vanguard still needed the Drifter alive and questioned how many times she had gone over footage of Cayde's death. Aunor admitted she had viewed it seventeen times, even during her off-duty hours, to be certain whether or not she could trust the Young Wolf after they let Cayde die. Ikora stated that she and Zavala shared blame as well, which Aunor agreed with, but she then berated Ikora for taking the word of a Guardian with less than a decade of experience about the truth of a member of the Vanguard dying and whether she had even bothered to investigate. Ikora revealed that she had investigated and found the Young Wolf truthful, which is why she had given Aunor access to Sundance's remains. Aunor admitted that she had come to the same conclusion, and that it was likely the Scorn had used all their resources to craft one bullet for the purpose of killing Sundance and that this one blemish on the Young Wolf's record was as it seemed. When Ikora then asked that she leave the Drifter be, Aunor responded that she had the Vanguard's best interests at heart and that perhaps with the aid of the Young Wolf she could trust someone else with their interests as well to save the Vanguard from themselves. As Ikora began to question her purpose, Aunor told the Vanguard that while she was honored to be her Hidden and serve the Praxic Order, she would not ignore someone like the Drifter and asked that Ikora trust her to do her job. Ikora agreed but asked the same of her for the Vanguard, and Aunor promised she would.[2]

Tracking the Drifter[edit]

"You're free to keep your business with him. Just give me the chance to convince you the Drifter's not to be trusted."
— Aunor's plea to the Guardian.

Despite being sidelined to a desk job, Aunor still kept tabs on the Drifter after he is leased a unused warehouse space in the Annex of the new Tower by the Vanguard, which became the new hub for Guardians engaging in Gambit and the newly recent Gambit Prime.[4] Having been barred from being directly involved, she enlists a team of Guardians to investigate into the Drifter and the infamous Shadows of Yor for possible signs of collusion; Eventually reaching out to the Young Wolf in a series of encoded messages. Depending on the player's actions, they could side with the Vanguard and assist Aunor in exposing the Drifter's actions of any crime that could implicate him.

Shadows of Calus[edit]

"Give me a fireteam of veterans. We'll hollow out the Leviathan in a week. Maybe less."
— Aunor, requesting a fireteam to kill Calus

With her investigation of the Drifter finished, Aunor turned her attention to Emperor Calus of the Cabal. She learned that he had recently expanded his courting of Guardians by inviting them aboard The Leviathan to fight in his Menagerie for weapons, armor, and the right to join the Shadows of Calus. Concerned over yet another power in the system dividing the loyalties of the Guardians, Aunor briefed Zavala and Ikora on the situation and warned that Earth's Shadows would soon grow in number. She requested a fireteam of trusted veteran Guardians to lead in a scourging of The Leviathan and estimated it would take a week for her team to wipe it clean and kill Calus. Ikora noted that many of those veterans did not trust Aunor and denied her request, but she and Zavala affirmed that they did believe in her. Arc energy flashed in Aunor's eyes as she held her anger in check, questioning if they would do nothing yet again. Zavala declared that while Calus was not an ally, he was occupying the remnants of the Red Legion. Aunor pointed out that the Vanguard had been the ones to thoroughly defeat the Legion in the Red War, not Calus, and refuted their assertion that Calus' influence would wane once his lies were exposed by pointing out the Drifter's continued popularity. Although Ikora promised that Aunor would be on the first fireteam deployed if Calus ever made a wrong move, the Praxic Warlock departed without another word, frustrated by the Vanguard's lack of action and determined to continue monitoring the situation.[5]

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  • Her name and the name of her ghost are from the Philippines. Aunor is a common Filipino name. Mahal means “Love” in tagalog, the major dialect in the Philippines and Bahaghari, her ghost, means “Rainbow” in tagalog.


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