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Good morning, Sir. The sorcery these dullards are using is extremely unstable.

Ogden is a Ghost who is partnered with the Titan Siegfried. Together they work with the Praxic Order to investigate Darkness-related phenomenon and hunt down renegade Lightbearers.


Hunting Sola[edit]

Ogden and Siegfried were assigned to work with Aunor Mahal to track down and capture the former Guardian Sola Scath after her involvement in the disappearance of another Lightbearer near a gravitational anomaly in the outer edge of the Sol System. Sola was the fifth Guardian the team had been sent after recently. During the initial confrontation Siegfried was shot just above the heart and killed, but Sola was apprehended. Ogden revived his Guardian as Aunor interrogated Sola and her Ghost, but both proved uncooperative and were restrained for the journey back to The Last City.[1]

Aiding the Awoken[edit]

"Now see here! I will not watch two brothers of the Light do battle. Calm yourselves!"
— Ogden attempts to calm the situation between Siegfried and Crow

A few months later Ogden and Siegfried were asked by the Vanguard to assist Petra Venj in the Dreaming City after a new form of Hive corruption had begun to infest it.[2] Alongside a team of six Corsairs they investigated a cave system which Odgen scanned and confirmed as one of the lairs that lay at the heart of the corruption. During the mission a mysterious sniper assisted them before disappearing.[3] The morning after the battle, Odgen greeted Siegfried as he woke up and hovered over the samples of the strange structure they found within the cave, remarking that the sorcery used by the Hive was unstable. Siegfried ordered him away from the corrupted samples and asked him to stay decompiled until they left the Reef, as the corruption was concerning to him. Odgen chastised him for being rude and noted that he could counter with the same concern about Siegfried's exposure to the corrupted materials. His Guardian joked that his body was cheaper to replace than Ogden's, a point which the Ghost conceded.[4]

After dropping the samples with the Techeuns, they spotted the sniper who had aided them earlier while on the way back to the staging grounds. They pursued the Hunter, but when the unknown Lightbearer got the drop on Siegfried and pointed a gun at his face, Odgen materialized and demanded that they both calm down and that he would not see two brothers of the Light fight. The Hunter's own Ghost, Glint, also appeared and asserted that they were all on the same side. However, a Corsair caught up with them and pointed a weapon at the Hunter, who responded by attacking with a Solar knife and destroying the weapon but also injuring the Awoken's hand. Siegfried took the opening to make his own attack but the Hunter fled into the mists after countering. With a Corsair now injured, Ogden remarked that such behavior could not be tolerated and Siegfried reassured him they would put a halt to it. However, their next confrontation left his Guardian wounded long enough for the Hunter to escape.[5]

Personality and traits[edit]

"You were not so rude as a boy, you know. When I express concern Master Siegfried tells me not to fret. Could I not say the same?"
— Odgen

In comparison to many other Ghosts, Odgen's speech was very formal. He called Siegfried "sir" and "master" as honorifics. Ogden worried for Siegfried's safety and thought of their younger days as when the Titan had been a just a boy, despite Guardians never aging.[4] He did not believe that Lightbearers should fight and attempted to get in between Siegfried and the Crow's confrontation, but after a Corsair was injured he encouraged Siegfried's pursuit to put a stop to the Hunter.[5]

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