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Sola Scath
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Sola Scath is a Warlock who abandoned the Vanguard after embracing a twisted version of the Light. Sola became a target of the Praxic Order and was apprehended after being involved in the disappearance of another Lightbearer.


Twisted Trials[edit]

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Some time around her corruption, Sola ran trials with Katake and Crimiq-5, a sniper in charge of covering the other two. In the last round, Crimiq-5 left his post to avenge Katake's death, leaving Sola without surveillance. In this moment, Sola tortured her opponent in search of an "umbral center" in his light.

Hunted by the Praxic Order[edit]

"You have limits. You have masters. Enjoy hanging to death in your strings!"
— Sola taunting Aunor before her failed attack

After abandoning the Vanguard, Sola learned of a secret hidden away in a vault of the Praxic Order. She also transported another Lightbearer to the outer Solar System to a gravitational anomaly but did not return with them, which attracted the attention of the Praxics. Ambushed by the Praxic Warlock Aunor Mahal and the Praxic Titan Siegfried, Sola managed to kill the Titan before being put down by Aunor. After both Lightbearers were resurrected by their Ghosts, Sola was questioned by Aunor about what happened to the Lightbearer she had transported, but Sola taunted her foe about the secrets that she had learned and declared they were on the losing side. Aunor threated that she would take everything from Sola, but the rogue Warlock spit in her face and declared that even Praxic Warlocks had limits before summoning her twisted Light and attempting to slay them. However, she was unable to strike before Aunor gunned her down once more. Sola's Ghost was not allowed to resurrect her and refused to cooperate with the Praxics, having been corrupted like Sola, and was taken into custody alongside Sola.[1]

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