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I am the watchtower, and none will escape my vigil.[1]

Crimiq-5 is a Guardian who was on a fireteam with Sola Scath and Katake.


Alongside Sola Scath and Katake, Crimiq spent most of a day fighting in the Trials of Osiris. After one match where Sola had torn through the opposing team with a ferocity that unnerved him, Crimiq was ready for their next match on the Burning Shrine to the be the last of the day.[2] Taking up a position up high to be on overwatch, he told his teammates that one of their foes, the Titan Sadhij Khuruf, was heading toward c-point. Katake warned him that he would be out of his sight,[3] before turning his attention to firing a suppression shot over Sola's shoulder towards the opposing team. The Warlock glared at him and told him it was too close but he simply told her to duck. Katake then shouted out that Sadhij was about to hit him with a Thundercrash before the line dissolved into static. He advised Sola he was leaving his perch to avenge Katake and quickly moved into his new position. His sniper quickly zeroed in on the head of Arc-covered Titan and eliminated him from the match before apologizing to Katake for not being able to save him in time.[2]

Sola eliminated Trestin, which left only Yara Croy to defeat. However, Crimiq was horrified when he discovered that Sola was torturing Yara with a strange twisted Void Light. He quickly shot Yara to put her out of her misery and end the match before demanding to know what she was doing. Saint-14 transmatted onto the field himself seeking answers and denounced Sola as not being worthy of the title Guardian. The Titan turned to Crimiq and questioned if he knew the company he kept. Glaring at Sola while extending a hand to help Yara's Ghost, he disavowed his teammate and wished he had gotten there sooner to stop her. Sola snapped at them both and declared they were good as dead before departing.[4]

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