Gensym Scribes

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The Gensym scribes are a collective of Warlock scientists and researchers who conduct studies on various fields. The only known member, Asher Mir, has become one of the foremost expert in studying the Vex and the Taken.

The Gensym scribes hail from the Distributary, the home world of the Awoken. They trace their origin to Techeun Kelda Wadj, the Allteacher, though it was never stated that Kelda Wadj was one of them. According to lorebook Marasenna, the Gensym scribes were descendants of a band of roving storytellers who traveled across the immense salt glades of the Distributary in a hollering convoy of airboats. At some time in the Distributary's history, the Gensym scribes rose to power above the Queen, ruled the Awoken society and sent their knights on mad quests to test the consistence of reality[1]. Later, Queen Nguya Pin restored monarchy to prominence over the scribes, but still welcomed them at the Queen's court as scientists and engineers. The reputation of the Gensym scribes was harmed by some of them conspiring with Sjur Eido to murder Mara Sov; Mara Sov herself used this information to blackmail the Gensym Scribes. Some Gensym scribes joined Mara Sov's exodus into the outer space and were cataloguing cultural markers and ancient records found in the Reef[2].

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