Cryptochron Order

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"Ikora: "They're Warlocks, Zavala—fellow Guardians, not a disease."
Zavala: "And yet, you agreed to dismantle the order and banish them from the City."
— Transcript of a meeting between Ikora Rey and Commander Zavala

The Cryptochron Order is a supposed now-defunct order of Warlocks. It is implied that the order had some prophetic ability and relied on this power to make dangerous decisions. Their leaders were known as the Oneiromantic Circle; one member of this group was known as the Senior Sybil. Rekkana, a member of the Kentarch 3, was a former Cryptochron.

Following Osiris' exile from the City, the order was disbanded and its members banished from the City. However, the Circle persisted after their banishment, and would later direct Rekkana on a mission to enter the Black Garden and find a dangerous Vex artifact, along with the other members of the Kentarch 3.


The order seemed to have the ability to see both the past and possible futures. The Oneiromantic Circle had foreseen the raid on the Black Garden prior to the Kentarch 3’s visit.[1] Additionally, Rekkana describes knowing her fellow member of the Kentarch 3, Lisbon-13, before they met. Even understanding who he had been before his resurrection by the light, as an Exo serving under Clovis Bray I.[2] During the Kentarch 3’s escape from the Black Garden she tried to see a path but saw too many possibilities.[3] She also describes the Vex as the greatest threat to the Oneiromantic Circle. This is due to their ability to evade prediction by sharing strategy, laterally, across time.[4] Additionally, the order had difficulty predicting any futures within the Black Garden, describing a protective ‘veil’ that inhibits their ability.[1]


  • The Senior Sybil briefly describes the Oneiromantic Circle ‘dreamed’ of a possible future. This, the REM state Rekkana enters when searching possible futures and their title deriving from oneiromancy which is the study of dreams, points towards their prophetic ability requiring a sleeping state.



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