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The Firebreak Order is a Titan order of the Last City.[1] Its members seek to defend the City from the forces of the Darkness by taking the fight to them.[2] Though the Firebreak Order is sometimes accused of reckless aggression, that aggression is actually deliberately focused on pushing the enemies of City back and eliminating their leaders one-by-one to weaken them.[3] To that end, members of the order prefer armor designed to handle the rigors of frontline combat over defensively-oriented models favored by most other Titans.[4][5] One of the order's most famous feats was reclaiming five miles of territory around the City from the Fallen during Six Fronts.[6] The order maintains the Fire Victorious, an eternal flame that symbolizes the unflinching drive of Firebreak Titans everywhere.[1]


The Red War[edit]

When the Last City fell to the Red Legion, Callisto Yin saved the Fire Victorious by bearing it out of the city on her own burning mark.[7] Most members of the Firebreak Order were ashamed to have survived the fall of the City, as they were away from it when the Red Legion's attack came.[8]



  • It is believed that the description on the Titan Mark Mark of the Lost Charge is said by members of the Firebreak, due to their belief that they should have wiped them out.

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