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Elriq was a Titan and member of the Firebreak Order who fought in defense of The Last City at Six Fronts.


"You should have seen her. She saved eight little Lights. Charged dozens of Fallen with me. Lightning, bullets—it was quite impressive."
"You're too kind. It was an honor to fight by your side.
— Saint-14 and Elriq in the aftermath of Six Fronts

Alongside eight other members of the Firebreak Order, Elriq fought on the western front of the Fallen assault at Six Fronts. She and her fellow Titans charged too deeply into the Fallen's lines and found themselves in a losing battle. Elriq was the only member of her team who survived, although her Ghost was wounded. The Ghosts of her eight comrades managed to escape and hide but could not get close enough to resurrect the other Guardians. As she took cover in a crater, Elriq was surprised and relieved when Saint-14 joined her. However, she was afraid to emerge from cover and potentially perish attempting to clear the way for the Ghosts, even as a reflection of Osiris emerged overhead and disrupted the Fallen's ranks with Solar Light. As the eight Ghosts of her fallen comrades joined them, the sight of them and the potential hope they represented alongside Saint's words of encouragement convinced her to join him in charging their foes. Elriq turned towards the Ghosts and told them to stay put in cover while they cleared the way for them to resurrect their partners.[1]

In their charge, Elriq provided Saint covering fire as they fought dozens of Fallen and never fell once to their foes. The Ghosts successfully resurrected the Guardians and eventually the Fallen were forced to retreat along all fronts of the battle. Saint and Elriq reported in that the western front was clear to the other battlefield commanders, and Elriq became embarrassed by Saint's praise of her aid, telling him that it was simply an honor to have fought alongside him. Lord Shaxx did not believe Saint's claim to have never fallen during the battle, but Elriq's support convinced the stubborn Titan.[2]

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