The Sunbreakers

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The Sunbreakers
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The Burning Shrine, Mercury


Titan order tasked with fighting the darkness beyond the city walls.


Battle of the Twilight Gap
Taken War
Red War


Empyreal Magistrate Ouros


"This is the first I've heard from the Sunbreakers in years. They were an ancient order of Titans, bearers of the Hammer of Sol—unstoppable, vigilant."
Commander Zavala

The Sunbreakers were a Titan order that operated independently of the Last City and predated it. Preferring to live among the wilds beyond the City walls, the order took the fight to the forces of the Darkness directly. As progenitors of the subclass, the Sunbreakers were made up entirely of Sunbreaker Titans. Led by an Empyreal Magistrate, the order offered their services to people and organizations of the City as mercenaries for hire.


Using the Sundial, one of Osiris's echoes goes back in time and sees Saint-14 building the Burning Forge on Mars with the rest of the original Sunbreakers. According to the account, they 'hammer and solder' the sacred site with 'solar knuckles and sledges', whilst each take turns to leave their work and defend the others from the Vex with these same tools.[1]

Liu Feng, a Sunbreaker, fought alongside Lord Shaxx during the Battle of Twilight Gap in the critical counterattack against the Fallen. Shaxx recounts this story during the Sunbreaker subclass mission in Destiny 2, citing that he was impressed by Liu's conviction despite her feelings that the City had abandoned her order.[2]

At one point before his exile, Osiris brokered a contract between the Vanguard and the Sunbreakers, but Zavala found the terms unsatisfactory and objected to it, earning the Sunbreakers' resentment.[3]

According to the Guardian's Ghost after searching through the Tower's records, mention of the Sunbreakers has been "effectively removed from the history of the City".[4]

During the Taken War, a remorseful Zavala sent the Guardian to the Ishtar Academy on Venus in search of the Sunbreakers, hoping to recruit them to aid in the conflict against Oryx, the Taken King and his Taken. The Guardian discovered that a squad of Sunbreakers had fallen to the Vex. Following the trail to The Burning Shrine on Mercury, the Guardian was contacted by Empyreal Magistrate Ouros and shown how to activate the Shrine's forge to create the Hammer of Sol. Having rediscovered the subclass, the Guardian took up the mantle of a Sunbreaker while Zavala honored the lost order.[3]

Sadly at the onset of the Red War, the Sunbreakers found themselves at the mercy of the Red Legion. They fought valiantly, but without their Light or resurrection abilities, the Sunbreakers were slaughtered by the Legion, putting an end to the once mighty Titan Order. Their legacy lives on through the Guardian.[5]


  • Liu Feng
  • Aodh—the Second Empyreal Magistrate of the Sunbreakers
  • Ouros—the Third Empyreal Magistrate of the Sunbreakers




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