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"It is your turn. These people will follow you to the very end. Remember that we were forged in Light."
— Aodh, passing the title of Empyreal Magistrate to Ouros

Aodh was a Titan who served as the Second Empyreal Magistrate of The Sunbreakers.


"The City dwellers think us wild, untamed. They believe that theirs is the only proper society in this age. We are not savages; we follow the Light like the others. But we forge our own path. That is what it means to be a Sunbreaker."
— Aodh to Ouros on what the nature of the Sunbreakers

As leader of the Sunbreakers, Aodh helped counsel the members of the order. When a young Sunbreaker named Ouros complained about the Forge not choosing her despite being blessed by the Light, Aodh cautioned her to have patience and that they all had their place in the world, noting that Ouros could one day be the next Empyreal Magistrate. The young Titan laughed and declared she did not wish to be a stuffy old leader or speak properly. Despite Ouros disdain, Aodh told her that they saw a fire in her and noted that speaking properly was not the same as being proper. Aodh declared that unlike what the denizens of the Last City believed, the Sunbreakers were not savages and served the Light just as they did, only forging their own path in the wilderness. Ouros dismissed this, stating she only wished to fight, and Aodh noted that she would get the chance to, but that their hammers needed strength in mind and body to wield and that she would one day be blessed by the Forge.[1]

Years later, Aodh passed their title as Empyreal Magistrate onto Ouros, telling her that their people will follow her to the end and to always remember that they were forged in Light.[1]

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