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Liu Feng
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Created the Sunbracers (renamed from Sunbreakers) and Sunshot.


"Can't outrun the sunrise."
— Liu Feng[1]

Liu Feng was a Titan Sunbreaker and smith who was a member of the Sunbreaker Order on Mercury.


Like the rest of the Sunbreakers, Liu Feng was an exile from the Last City. Despite their conflict with the City, they aided in its defense during the Battle of the Twilight Gap. Liu Feng fought on the Walls of the City against the Fallen, and disobeyed orders alongside five other Guardians when Commander Zavala and Lord Saladin Forge ordered all forces to fall back and regroup. Although they were vastly outnumbered and each died numerous times, Liu Feng and her five comrades held the Wall and bought Zavala and Saladin enough time to launch a counterattack against the Fallen.[2]

After relations with the City were re-established during The Taken War, Liu Feng began to leave some of her creations there as challenges to the other Guardians. Among her creations were a pair of gauntlets she named the Sunbreakers, which she crafted for use by the Warlocks. She showed her creation to Ouros, the leader of the Sunbreakers, who laughed at the name.[1] Liu Feng took her creation to the Last City, where she gave them to a highly impressed Warlock, although they insisted on changing the name to Sunbracers, claiming they did not want the "barbarian" Sunbreakers putting a bounty on his head for mocking their name. Liu Feng did not reveal her affiliation to the Warlock, merely noting that they would always be the Sunbreakers to her.[3]

While on a mission against the Hive, Liu Feng found herself surrounded. While gathering her Light and preparing to unleash it, she thought about what her next forging project should be. Liu Feng decided to create a Hand Cannon called the Sunshot that would burn like her Hammer of Sol. As the Hive closed in on her, she let out a laugh and unleashed her Sunbreaker powers.[1]

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