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Wei Ning
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"So I ask Wei Ning: What about the Darkness itself? What then? And she says: I'll punch it too."
— The Pahanin Errata

Wei Ning was a boisterous Titan who was in a relationship with the Warlock Eriana-3. A legendary warrior of The Last City, she partook in the Great Ahamkara Hunt and the Great Disaster, where Wei Ning was killed by the Hive Prince Crota himself during the battle.[1]


Journey to the Last City[edit]

"My second death was terrifying. But I got back up, and the night sky sparkled overhead, and the man that killed me stared aghast, and I laughed. Immortal! Me! I could do anything!"
— Wei Ning, describing her first death after being resurrected

Wei Ning was resurrected by her Ghost in the middle of a desert, far from any civilization. Her Ghost crafted her basic armor and informed her of the existence of the Last City, which was thousands of miles away. During her journey, Wei Ning encountered bandits armed with guns. With no weapons to defend herself, she was terrified and quickly cut down. However, her Ghost quickly resurrected her, and Wei Ning was elated to realize she was immortal and began laughing. With her killers now scared of her and knowing her own body could not be broken, Wei Ning threw herself at her attackers and beat them to death.[2]

Guardian of the City[edit]

"Our first meeting, in the Tower saloon. Your laugh made the glasses clatter. You bought three rounds for the entire room. Pahanin introduced us. You sat me down next to you and plied me with questions about Stormtrances. All things that on any other night would have annoyed me. But that night—because it was you—I knew then and there that I never wanted to be without you."
— Eriana-3, describing her first meeting with Wei Ning

After reaching the Last City, Wei Ning became one of the preeminent Strikers of the Titans. She taught her fellow Titans that their body was their greatest weapon, and to always charge headfirst into danger in order to achieve victory.[2] At some point, Wei Ning lit the Flame Victorious in Firebreak Plaza, and its eternal flame became a symbol of the Firebreak Order.[3] Wei Ning also became an acquainted with the Lightbearer known as The Drifter, who had to pay her drinking tab several times.[4]

While drinking at the Tower's saloon, Wei Ning bought the entire bar three rounds of drinks and was introduced to the Warlock Eriana-3 by her friend Pahanin. The Titan quickly began plying Eriana-3 with questions about Stormtrances, and the two soon began a relationship.[5]

During the Great Ahamkara Hunt on Venus, Wei Ning was paired with Eris Morn to hunt seven of the wish-granting creatures. Discovering one of their targets within the jungles, Wei Ning attacked it and spent nearly a full day beating the Ahamkara into the ground. However, she formulated a plan to draw the other six Ahamkara in by wishing that the fight would go on forever, causing her foe to not die and gain in strength instead. She eventually admitted her wish to Eris, who declared Wei Ning to be a psychopath, but she quickly reassured the Hunter to trust her. Eventually the other six Ahamkara arrived, drawn by the feast of power being generated by the Titan's wish. With their foes drawn in, Wei Ning ended her wish making and joined Eris in killing all seven of their targets. Once the battle was over Wei Ning heard whispering and believed it to be Eris, but the Hunter then asked her about it as well.[6]

After defeating other Guardians in the Crucible using only her fists, Wei Ning overheard them making derogatory comments about her. Angered, she found a mountain and began to punch it as her Ghost tried to calm her. Wei Ning declared that one day she was sure the other Guardians would find themselves without all of their high-tech ships, weapons, and other devices and would wish that they had listened to her about simply punching things, as the strength of ones hands would never fail them. Her Ghost noted that Eriana would be upset to hear her dismissing machines, and suggested that Eriana would likely ask if Wei Ning could use her hands to create a weapon just as powerful as them. Inspired by her Ghost's idea, Wei Ning crafted the Fighting Lion.[7]

The Great Disaster[edit]

After the Consensus decided to reclaim the Moon from the forces of Darkness, Wei Ning was one of thousands of Guardians who assaulted the Hive fortresses of the Moon. The battle quickly turned against the Guardians, as thousands of Knights assailed them. Wei Ning was confronted by the Hive God-Prince Crota, who commanded the Hive in the solar system. Wei Ning challenged the Prince and fell in battle, impaled upon Crota's blade.[1] The Hive took her cong as a prize after her death.[8]


"I now beg, as I feared, for your forgiveness. I will not avenge you, but join you amongst the fires snuffed out upon this moon."
— Eriana-3, in her last message to Wei Ning[9]
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Personality and traits[edit]

"Yes, we've achieved the objective. And the next. And the... were we supposed to stop attacking?"
— Wei Ning[10]
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  • "Who would I rather have at my side than any other? Who can I count on when my back is against the wall? Do you sing to the Sun as some Warlocks do? Yes? Then, you. My answer is you." —Wei Ning to Eriana-3
  • "When the long dark closes around us, we will be the last light."[11]
  • "THE LAST AND SUREST ARGUMENT" - traditional inscription for the right gauntlet, attributed to Wei Ning[12]
  • "To conserve ammo, we disrupted the enemy command structure with several sharp blows to the skull."[13]
  • "Evade the Cabal counterattack? My friend, they're finally sending us something worth killing."[14]
  • "This burn's from a slug rifle. That one's a shock blade. This one... ah, yes. Wei Ning gave me a hug."[15]
  • "I call it the Zhang Fei. It hits almost as hard as I do."[16]
  • "You don't even have to ask. I'd follow you to the end of the galaxy." —Wei Ning to Eriana-3[17]

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