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The Kentarch 3 were a Guardian fireteam consisting of the Titan Yardarm-4, the Warlock Rekkana, and the Hunter Lisbon-13. Together they entered the Black Garden but fell prey to the temptations within, something that Lisbon-13 came to regret and sought penance for.[1]


It is unknown how and when the team formed, but Rekkana had future knowledge of it. Despite her predictions, a romantic attachment formed between her and Lisbon-13; a cause of jealousy for Yardarm-4. At some point, the team was active on Io. While fighting the Cabal they became cornered inside a shipping container; Lisbon-13 managed to escape through a hole in the back of the container and rescued his team by commandeering an Interceptor, with the Psion pilot still aboard it.

The Black Garden[edit]

At the behest of the Cryptochrons, the Kentarch 3 entered the Black Garden in their jumpship, flying straight through the Vex gate to the Garden located in the Valley of the Kings on Mars. Their ship crashed immediately after passing through, forcing the team to proceed on foot. The mission was soon cast into doubt as Rekkanas Cryptochron superiors had foreseen that a group of Guardians would discover the origins of the Black Garden at the "tree", but it was not guaranteed that it would be the Kentarch 3. The fireteam was also tasked with recovering a dangerous Vex relic. Following a prolonged battle with Vex defenses, the group took shelter in a grotto. Here, they first began to hear voices, and their Ghosts weakened; something not foreseen by Rekkana.

Afterwards, the voice seemingly offered a bargain in exchange for power, and the group claimed Divinity. Despite these gifts, Lisbon-13 remained unconvinced and suspicious of their benefactors, still holding loyalty to the Light. Despite their efforts to turn him, the behavior of his friends worried him, and he ultimately turned against them. At some point, Rekkana and Yardarm-4 destroyed their own Ghosts. Although the two fought Lisbon-13 together with their new powers, he managed to kill both of them.

Although he was convinced that his actions had been neccessary, Lisbon-13 began to attack his own Ghost to bring about his own final death, unable to bear those of his friends. He was stopped by his own doppelganger, who offered to take away his affection for Rekkana; a deal that Lisbon-13 presumably took.

Later, Cayde-6 of the Vanguard would dispatch a team to investigate the Kentarch 3. They found the remains of Rekkanas and Yardarm-4's Ghosts, as well of battle with the Vex and with one another. No bodies could be recovered however.

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