Kentarch 3

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The Kentarch 3 were a Guardian fireteam consisting of the Titan Yardarm-4, the Warlock Rekkana, and the Hunter Lisbon-13. Together they entered the Black Garden but fell prey to the temptations within, something that Lisbon-13 came to regret and sought penance for.[1]


At some point, the team was active on Io. While fighting the Cabal they became cornered inside a shipping container; Lisbon-13 managed to escape through a hole in the back of the container and rescued his team by commandeering an Interceptor, with the Psion pilot still aboard it.

The Black Garden[edit]

The Kentarch 3 entered the Black Garden in their jumpship, flying straight through the Vex gate to the Garden located in the Valley of the Kings on Mars. Their ship crashed immediately after passing through, forcing the team to proceed on foot.

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