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"These forces have existed forever, but only one of them speaks to us."
— Rekkana

Rekkana was a Warlock and a member of the Kentarch 3, a fireteam of Guardians who entered the Black Garden [1] at the behest of the Sybil. Their objective was to not only investigate the Black Garden, but also to retrieve a powerful weapon worshipped by the Vex: Divinity. This weapon was considered too dangerous for Rekkana by the Sybil, which led Rekkana to put the responsibility over the possession of the weapon to Lisbon-13. [2]

However, during their mission, she and her fireteam were contacted by an unknown source that remained unheard by their Ghosts; after which they lost their connection to the Light [3]. Shortly after this encounter, they received new powers, implied to have come from the Darkness [4]. These new powers led to a major fallout of the fireteam, as each of the fireteam members reacted differently to them; with Rekkana still being hesitant to use the new gifts. Yardarm-4, the fireteam member most comfortable with the powers, convinced her that she was doing the right thing. He then helped her in formulating an attack on Lisbon-13, whom he thought had betrayed them [5]. It is implied that Lisbon-13 shot Rekkana with Divinity during their last fight [6].

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