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"Ikora: "They're Warlocks, Zavala—fellow Guardians, not a disease."
Zavala: "And yet, you agreed to dismantle the order and banish them from the City."
— Transcript of a meeting between Ikora Rey and Commander Zavala

The Cryptochron Order is a now-defunct order of Warlocks. Their leaders were known as the Oneiromantic Circle; one member of this group was known as the Sybil. Rekkana, a member of the Kentarch 3, was a Cryptochron.

Following Osiris' exile from the City, the order was disbanded and its members banished from the City. However, the Circle persisted after their banishment, and would later direct Rekkana on a mission to enter the Black Garden along with the other members of the Kentarch 3.

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