Ghost (Hunter)

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Ghost (Hunter)
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"I'm Ghost."
— Ghost, introducing himself to Aunor Mahal

Ghost was a quiet Hunter in service of The Last City's Vanguard. He was partnered with the Ghost Tommy.


Following the death of Cayde-6, many Hunters fled The Last City to avoid being challenged to the Vanguard Dare to replace the fallen Hunter Vanguard. Ghost and Tommy took up residence in a abandoned Hunter den within the Last City instead of fleeing. More than a year after Cayde's demise, Ghost and Tommy were surprised when the Warlock Aunor Mahal of the Praxic Order arrived in the den seeking answers to the disappearance of so many Hunters, which was causing bounty and strike missions to go unanswered. Ghost allowed Tommy to do most of the talking and explain the situation while he sharped a knife on his armor. He then offered Aunor Tommy's Matchbook, a powerful Auto Rifle, in exchange for keeping quiet about Ghost's continued presence in the Last City.[1]

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