Ascendant Shard

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"A self-stabilizing knot of spacetime geometry."
— Item description, Destiny
"Required for forging Masterwork gear. Obtained from challenging activities or purchasable from the Gunsmith in the Tower."
— Item description, Destiny 2
Ascendant Shard
Ascendant Shard.jpg Ascendant-shard-d2.jpg



Rarity Class:

Legendary (Destiny)
Exotic (Destiny 2)

Loot Drop:




Vendor and PVE (Destiny)
Banshee-44 (Destiny 2)
Nightfall: The Ordeal (D2)
Trials of Osiris (D2)


Ascendant Shard is a type of material in Destiny and Destiny 2.


Originally used to upgrade the attack value on Legendary Armor during Year 1, they has since been phased out of use in favor of other material systems. It is still currently required to level of Year 1 Vault of Glass Armor, and can be obtained from the Vault itself, or purchased from The Speaker with Ascendant Energy.

In Destiny 2, Ascendant Shards were reintroduced as an Exotic material used to Masterwork Legendary Armor. They are acquired from challenging activities such as Nightfall: The Ordeal Strikes, Trials of Osiris, or bought from Banshee-44.

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