Wormfeeder Rune

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"Kill enemies on the Dreadnaught. Death resets your progress."
— In-game description

The Wormfeeder Rune is a type of consumable that can randomly transform into one of nine keys—Key of Akka, Key of Eir, Key of Gnashing Teeth, Key of Maggots, Key of Ur, Key of Wyrding, Key of Xol, Key of Yuul and Key of the Spawn—used to open special chests after charging up. It is charged by killing fifty enemies of any type without dying.

One can be acquired after killing the Hive champion Blahgrish, an Ogre that appears in the Hull Breach of the Dreadnaught after summoning a Hive stalking party with the Wormsinger Rune via one of two consoles.

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