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Hidden Swarm
Spawn of Crota
Blood of Oryx
The Silent Brood
Savathûn's Brood
Grasp of Nokris
Xivu Arath's Horde
Lucent Brood



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VoidS.png Energy projectiles


Temporary Immunity
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VoidS.png Death Blast
Midair Levitation


"''These ever-watchful sentinels are believed, in some circles, to serve as the eyes of the Hive's innermost covens, allowing powerful Wizards and Knights to watch over their domains. Others believe Shriekers are nothing more than weapons meant to guard Hive ritual sites.

There is nothing living to the Shrieker, but neither are they mechanical constructs in a classical sense. They seem to be dead mass, animated by the arcane will of the Hive. When a Shrieker is broken, its Void charge rips free of the hull to seek vengeance.[1]"

Shriekers are a class of Hive, possessing a metallic body containing an energy core inside.


Destiny 1

Closed Shriekers are impervious to attack, so one must approach a Shrieker to open it. Once provoked, a Shrieker will split into multiple pieces that float around a core. When attacking, it will periodically shoot a cluster of many simultaneous projectiles that home onto the player until killed. Shriekers don't have a weak spot, and will close up again if they don't detect a target for some time. When destroyed, a Shrieker will release a final swarm of its explosive projectiles, which will then track towards the Guardian that defeated it, making it deadly even in death.

Sleeper Simulant can destroy a closed Shrieker.

Destiny 2

Shriekers have gained a weak spot, an eye that points in the direction they are currently shooting towards. They follow a new attack pattern, now firing a continuous, rapid fire, spiraling stream of projectiles capable of quickly shredding a player's health. When a shrieker opens but doesn't see a target, it will start firing wildly in a wide spiral pattern, which can allow it to land a few shots on targets behind cover. When destroyed, however, they don't release a burst anymore. Giant Ultra Shriekers are also introduced, such as Savathûn's Song, that fire slower shots with a higher damage per bolt. These are also capable of firing the old seeking bolts, releasing a volley in between hails of their regular shots.

Known Shriekers

Lucent Brood Shriekers

Savathûn's Brood Shriekers

Xivu Arath's Horde Shriekers

Grasp of Nokris Shriekers


Common Variants
Specific Variants


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