Savathûn's Song

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This article is about the Hive Shrieker enemy. For the Strike of the same name, see Savathûn's Song (strike).
Savathûn's Song
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Savathûn's Brood





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Savathûn's Song


VoidS.png Shrieker Bolts


Summon Hive
High Durability
Midair Levitation
Brief Vanish
Brief Immunity
VoidS.png Axion Darts
VoidS.png Powered Barrier


"Biggest Shrieker I've seen in all my lives. Mark my words, something real mean and real old is gonna use that thing to lay eyes on this planet."

Savathûn's Song was a massive Hive Shrieker that served as the final boss of the Savathûn's Song Strike. It would be summoned by the Hive of Savathûn's Brood through the use of Void crystals created by stolen Void Light of Guardians on Titan, where it would act as the eyes for Savathûn, the Witch Queen on the moon of Saturn.[1]


Savathun's Song will initially be resting in its crystal casing, where it will be immune to all damage. Breaking the crystal beneath will awaken it and begin the encounter. The attack pattern is quite simple, with Savathun's Song selecting a single player of the team to focus on, shooting a constant stream of Void blasts at them, switching periodically.

As its health is depleted, it will periodically vanish and then teleport just like Alak-Hul, the Darkblade if not killed fast enough. Its weak spots, the eye and the bright yellow 'crack' on the back of the center orb, will be open to attack until its health reduced by one-third; once this happens, it will retract its protective casing, giving it full immunity. Savathun's Song will only come out to attack again when the Hive reinforcements it summons have been killed. When its health is reduced by another third, it will summon 3 Ogres to make it more difficult to clear the adds. These Ogres are very dangerous and must be killed quickly. After a short while, Savathun's Song will fully shield itself in a Void barrier, except it can attack from the safety of the barrier, with 2 Wizards spawning alongside to ward off player advances. The only way to disable this barrier is to insert a Void charge beneath it by killing a Savathun's Handmaiden Wizard. It will then teleport back to the main area and will continue to attack until killed.

Savathun's Song also possesses a second attack that it uses less frequently; a distinct, metallic noise will signal the Song summoning six explosive Void projectiles and launching them at a single Guardian. Unlike the regular stream of energy bolts, these explosive projectiles will seek around cover (similar to a Taken Centurion's Axion Darts) and all six can kill a Guardian if they connect. The fireteam can shoot them down fairly easily. When killed, the Shrieker will explode, with the core still intact. Larger chunks of the shell can hurt or kill players when they initially fly off after killing the boss, although this is not a common occurrence.



  • The core of the defeated Shrieker was able to be moved around and played with like an oversized football.
    • Many other parts would fall and be interactable as well, however were far more stubborn to move. Due to the buggy physics engine of Destiny 2 at launch; often these pieces, if a player was insistent with interacting with them, would suddenly fly across the arena violently, usually killing the guardian interacting with it.
  • If a person stayed on the back platform of the arena for too long, Cursed Thrall would begin to spawn every five seconds to encourage the guardian to return to the fight.
  • According to the Destiny 2 Official Guide, Savathûn's Song originally bore the name "The Dark Heart" while in development.

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