Savathûn's Song (strike)

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This article is about the Strike. For the boss of the same name, see Savathûn's Song.


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Savathûn's Song


Destiny 2




New Pacific Arcology, Titan


Investigate missing Guardians on Titan and stop the Hive's ritual.

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Delve deep into the Hive-infested Arcology in search of missing fireteams.

Savathûn's Song is a Strike in Destiny 2, set on Titan.


  • Gain access to the Arboretum
  • Hack the door (2 protocols)
  • Defeat hostiles
  • Clear out Hive
  • Find source inside.


(Mission Begins)

A Fireteam transmats down to The Rig and heads into the Arcology.

Sloane: Operation Caliban, welcome to the show. We've got several fireteams missing beneath the Arcology. We got one report a few hours back, but it's been radio silence since then.


Zavala: This is a priority rescue mission, designated ID: Operation Caliban.

Zavala: This is combat search and rescue in extremely hostile territory. The Hive are notorious for their cruelty. Expect the worst.

Sloane: Those Guardians are my responsibility. Get in, get out, and don't die.


Sloane: Four hours ago, I sent several fireteams to investigate a Hive ritual deep in the Arcology. Something severed our comms. They've gone completely dark.

Zavala: Bring them home.

Caliban eliminates the Hive/Fallen covering the entrance into the Solarium. After bypassing the traps and eliminating more enemies inside, they notice that the door leading to the Arboretum is covered in Hive locks. One of the Guardians deploys their Ghost to disable the runes.

Ghost: These locks are brand new. The Hive must have just sealed this door.

Sloane: Heads up, Caliban, we show Fallen inbound toward your current position.


Ghost: I've never seen the Hive put locks on human doors... What are they doing down there?

Caliban is then plagued by more Hive/Fallen. While fending off several waves of enemies, Ghost disables the locks, only to find more enemies on the other side. After dispatching them, the Fireteam proceeds.

Sloane: I'm consulting Vanguard archives on Hive rituals. I'm getting a lot of hints about...death experiments.I don't know what you're walking into, Caliban, but keep your eyes up. [static:I want you alive at the end of it.]

Ghost: I think alive is the bare minimum we should shoot for...Sloane? Are you there?

Sloane: [static: Can you hear me, Caliban? Are you there? They're not responding.]

Unknown Male Voice 1: No! [static: No, please,] they already took my Ghost, please!


Unknown Male Voice 1: Don't come any closer. [static: I swear] if you try to turn me into [static: one of those damn crystals...]

Ghost: That must be one of the missing Guardians. Tracing his broadcast now.


Ghost: That broadcast came from somewhere nearby. Hurry.

Sloane: [static: Caliban? Caliban, are you there? Sir, they're not responding.]

Caliban fight their way into the Arboretum, where they find lesser Hive guarding a purple crystal and its protector, one of Savathûn's Handmaidens. Beyond them lies a Shrieker rendered immune to attack by a receptacle identical to the one holding the crystal.

Ghost: Up there, by that crystal. That's where the broadcast came from.

Caliban kills the Handmaiden, which was shielded by Void energy, uncharacteristic of a Wizard. After it dies, the energy in the crystal forms into a Void Charge.

Ghost: That crystal was full of Void Light!

One of the Guardians approaches the receptacle, picks up the Void Charge and proceeds to slam it into the Shrieker's receptacle, destroying the Shrieker and its shield.

Ghost: Void Light can only be created by Guardians. I don't understand how the Hive got their claws on it.


Ghost: All channels! This is a search and rescue team. Is anyone listening? Anyone?

Caliban enters the next area and jumps down several stories through the Hive colony to the floor below where a large hole sits, sealed by a Hive magical device.

Ghost: This... what is this?

One of the Guardians approaches the device and has Ghost scan it.

Ghost: This is a cap on some kind of summoning spell. The whole thing is being powered by Void Light. The Hive are calling something to Titan. No wonder they don't want company.


Ghost': It's some kind of summoning seal. There's a network of magic running deep into the Arcology, powered by... Void Light. They're using Void Light to summon something down here.

Taeko-3: Is someone there? [static: Hello! Hello? Anybody listening? I swear I just heard a voice.]


Taeko-3: [static: Hello? is] anyone there? I just heard somebody. [static: Commander Zavala.] Can you hear me?

Ghost: ...We copy! Who is this?...


Ghost: Yes. We can hear you!

Taeko-3: [static: I'm going to] keep going, and keep talking [static: until] the signal gets better...


Taeko-3: [static: Thank the Traveler. I can barely hear you. Let me move to a better position.]

Caliban enters a room full of Hive and more Void crystals powering a barrier.

Ghost: We can't let the Hive use these to fuel their magic.


Ghost: The Hive can't summon anything without the crystals.

Caliban smashes the crystals, which die with a final tortured scream, alongside all Hive that get in their way. The barrier then dissipates and they proceed.

Ghost: I still don't understand how the Hive could have captured so much Void Light.

The next the area contains Fallen and Hive forces at war with each other (or only a Hive battalion). The Hive force contains multiple Hungering Ogres. The team eliminates one Ogre.

Taeko-3: [static: Takeo-3], unknown fireteam, do you copy?

Ghost: We copy! Are there others with you?

Taeko-3: No. Just us down here.


Taeko-3: Still there, [static: strangers?] Taeko-3, don't break my heart here.

Ghost: We hear you!

Taeko-3: Good. Stay with me. Though I was gonna have to take these murderers on all by myself.

The team continues, clearing the area and killing a second Ogre.

Taeko-3: I'm looking at a hell of a summoning ritual. Biggest Shrieker I've seen in all my lives. Mark my words, something real mean and real old is gonna use that thing to lay eyes on this planet.


Taeko-3: We came down here as a squad of nine. Got picked off one by one. Watched a Wizard rip the Light out of my best friend and funnel it into some kind of crystal.

Ghost: They're harvesting Guardians.

Caliban continues further into the Arcology, but their progress is blocked however when they find another barrier being powered by more Void Crystals and the Hive guarding them.

Ghost: I can't believe I was so cavalier about destroying these...

The Crystals are destroyed, the barrier is lowered, and the team advances deeper into the Arcology. On the other side, they encounter another Void Crystal receptacle being presided over by a pair of Savathun's Handmaidens and another Hive force (which may be in another skirmish with the Fallen). The Wizards and their Hive are killed, and one of the teammates picks up the Void Charge, carry it a while as they fight through the area until they locate a pair of Shriekers, slam their receptacle and destroy them both, allowing for advancement.

Ghost: I might have an idea. Let's find Taeko.


Ghost: We've been able to use Void Light against the Hive twice now.

Taeko-3: Really? Then... My friends didn't die for nothing.

Caliban follows the path as it leads back into the central area and the Hive totem sealing the pit below. Upon their return, the players find the totem being overseen by a pair of Handmaidens who they engage and kill.

Ghost: Taeko, we're coming to you.

Taeko-3: No! Don't come down here!


Taeko-3: Getting a little dicey down here. You need to turn back.

Ghost: Hang in there. We're on our way!

Taeko-3: No! Turn back!

With the Wizards killed, the totem's seal on the pit breaks, exposing the gaping hole in the middle of the floor, leading through the Hive colony, into which the players descend.

Ghost: I know what to do. We have to turn the crystals against the Hive.

Taeko-3: But there are no powered crystals in this chamber. What's plan B?

Caliban enters the pit and makes their way through tunnels of the Hive colony towards the summoning ritual in the Chasm of Screams.

Taeko-3: You're right. There is a way out of this.

Ghost: What is it?

Taeko-3: Embrace the Praxic Fire.


Taeko-3: I take it back. Together, we're gonna end this.

Ghost: You have another plan?

Taeko-3: Nope. Same plan. Give Sloane my regards.


Taeko-3: Nevermind. We're going with that plan.

Ghost: But you said there aren't any crystals.

Taeko-3: Not yet.

Caliban enters the Chasm of Screams in the bowels of the Hive colony. The area is in pitch black darkness and full of Cursed Thrall. Once they reach the end of the tunnels, they reach the boss arena with the giant Shrieker Savathûn's Song, currently dormant, dominating the center of the map. Beneath it, a lone Void Crystal rests in its receptacle.

Ghost: Taeko...

Caliban smashes the crystal.

Ghost: We're going to make you proud, Taeko...


Ghost: You did not die in vain.


Ghost: This ends here.

With the crystal destroyed, the giant Shreiker stirs and the battle begins. It attempts to avoid destruction by teleporting around the arena, occasionally hiding inside its shell, and calling Hive reinforcements. Once sufficiently weakened, Savathûn's Song will retreat to a large platform separated from the main play-space by a pitfall, accessible only by lesser platforms rotating around the main platform, and from this larger platform it will envelop itself in a shield connected to the Void Crystal receptacle on the platform. At this moment, the other receptacle in the center of the map where Taeko-3's crystal is located will have another Handmaiden appear and attempt to reforge the crystal to restore power to the Shrieker by gathering up its essence. Caliban kills the Handmaiden, which will destroy the partially reconstructed Crystal, causing it to dissipate, leaving only a Void Charge in its place.

Ghost: Here's our chance.


Ghost: It's time.

One of the Guardians picks up the Void Charge, pushes to the large platform where the Shrieker and several wizards are, and slams the charge into the receptacle, crashing the shield and forcing the Shrieker to return to the center of the map. With no more defenses, Fireteam Caliban silences Savathûn's Song.

Ghost: Well, we did it. Wish we'd had time to think of another way, but... we did it.


Ghost: Taeko, wherever you are... Thank you. We won't forget what you did today.

{End Gameplay}


Hive - Savathûn's Brood
Fallen - House of Dusk