Warden of Nothing

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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Warden of Nothing






Prison of Elders, Reef


Neutralize the former, now-malfunctioning High Servitor of the Prison of Elders, the Warden

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Warden of Nothing is a Strike that was released under the Forsaken expansion. Guardians must return to the Prison of Elders and destroy the High Servitor known as the Mad Warden that formerly aided them and co-hosted the Prison of Elders alongside Variks, the Loyal, which is now dangerously malfunctioning and driving the prison into chaos.


  • Head into the Prison of Elders
  • Move the prison transport
  • Transverse the tunnels
  • Exit the tunnels
  • Defeat the escaped prisoner (Apaktos, Oxidizing Mind)
  • Push through the Cabal
  • Eliminate all hostiles (Round 1)
  • Defuse 3 splinter mines (Round 2)
  • Defeat the Cabal (Round 3, Ta'aul, Disgraced Colossus)
  • Claim the "treasure"
  • Defeat the Warden's Servitor


All dialogue is spoken through the Ghost's comms.


  • Warden of Nothing features strong callbacks to the House of Wolves expansion, featuring soundtracks from it, and even the entire Fallen arena from the original Prison of Elders activity.

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