Warden of Nothing

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The Hollowed Lair

Warden of Nothing






Prison of Elders, Reef


Neutralize the former, now-malfunctioning High Servitor of the Prison of Elders, the Warden

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Warden of Nothing is a Strike that was released under the Forsaken expansion. Guardians must return to the Prison of Elders and destroy the High Servitor known as the Mad Warden that formerly aided them and co-hosted the Prison of Elders alongside Variks, the Loyal, which is now dangerously malfunctioning and driving the prison into chaos.


  • Head into the Prison of Elders
  • Move the prison transport
  • Transverse the tunnels
  • Exit the tunnels
  • Defeat the escaped prisoner
  • Push through the Cabal
  • Eliminate all hostiles (Round 1)
  • Defuse 3 splinter mines (Round 2)
  • Defeat the Cabal (Round 3)
  • Claim the "treasure"
  • Defeat the Warden's Servitor

Warden of Nothing transcript[edit]

(Mission Begins)

  • Drifter: How you livin' hotshot? I thought you and your Ghost might come back.
  • Ghost: Escaped inmates are going to town on the Reef. We're gonna deal with it at the source.
  • Drifter: Huh. Then you'll wanna take out the Warden Servitor. It's goin' haywire.

Or alternatively

  • Drifter: Hey, it's the Chosen One and his/her Ghost. Still trying to save the universe?
  • Ghost: Just the Reef. Escaped inmates are destabilizing the region.
  • Drifter: Ha. Well, don't let me stop you. You'll want to kill the Warden's Servitor. Thing's gone wackadoo.

The Guardians fight through a small army of Vex

  • Warden AI: Prison of Elders welcomes you. Impress your Warden, yes?
  • Ghost: I thought Variks took off.
  • Drifter: That's the Warden's Servitor that went insane so as Variks left the building. Must have some codependency issues. It's running the whole facility on a subroutine it calls "Challenge of the Elders".

Or alternatively

  • Ghost: Is that Variks?
  • Drifter: Haha,hell no. Variks left his pet Servitor behind and the thing went nuts, thinks it IS him. It's running the whole prison through some kinda combat drill.

The Guardians open a door with a Prison transport stationed ahead. The Ghost scans a terminal nearby

  • Ghost: I'll get the prisoner transport our of your way. And maybe find the lights.

Or alternatively

  • Ghost: Let's move this prisoner transport. The cellblocks are up ahead.

The prisoner transport sparks and moves out of the way

  • Ghost: Drifter, you seem like you've got some intel on this place. How many cellblocks did they open?
  • Drifter: Let's just say you're in for the biggest gunfight to ever happen in prison. I'm a little jealous.

Or alternatively

  • Ghost: The Warden's Servitor blocked me from shutting down the whole prisoner transport system - so watch the rails.
  • Drifter: Long road ahead of ya. We won't get this prison in order if we don't find that Servitor. And put a bullet in it.
  • Warden AI: Incoming.

The Guardians make their way through the transport's tunnels, avoiding oncoming prisoner transports as they battle Vex and Cabal along the way

  • Drifter: This here is a Vex cellblock. I didn't think time-travelling robots would form gangs in prison, but there are Vex here of multiple subtypes, slaved to a single mind.

Or alternatively

  • Drifter: Next up is a cellblock for the Vex. You ever see as Vex eat? Heard that creamy center is organic. I been watching them from out there, but haven't seen it myself.

Or alternatively

  • Drifter: This is one o' the Vex cellblocks. The Awoken dragged all kinds of subtypes outta their 'hoods. The ones that survived are some tough sons.
  • Warden AI: Important target Guardian. Kill or be killed.

The Guardians defeat Apaktos, Oxidizing Mind and head to Prison of Elders Arena

  • Warden AI: Cabal war machine is on the march.
  • Ghost: There were Red Legion in here? Good. I hope they stewed.
  • Drifter: They started the war, but they've lost everything.

Or alternatively

  • Ghost: So the Reef captured some Red Legion…
  • Drifter: You left the Cabal scattered after the Red War. Reef scooped some up. They took your Tower? You took their dignity.

Or alternatively

  • Ghost: Red Legion? What've they been up to after the war?
  • Drifter: Getting stumped. The Cabal seat of power now resides in orbit 'round Nessus. In a giant fish.

The Guardians battle their way through the Cabal and make their way to the Fallen arena. They fight through Cabal and Vex in the first round.

  • Warden AI: Round one.
  • Warden AI: Kill them dead, Guardian.

After defeating the Cabal and Vex, the Guardians dismantle the mines in the second round.

  • Warden AI: They are dead. You are not.
  • Warden AI: Round two.
  • Warden AI: Dismantle mines, yes? Or, you die.

After disarming the mines, the Warden summons a Cabal mini-boss in the final round.

  • Warden AI: Victory. Well-earned.

Ta'aul, Disgraced Colossus is summoned

  • Warden AI: You face the final round.
  • Warden AI: A mighty Cabal warrior challenges you.

Ta'aul, Disgraced Colossus is defeated. The Guardians make their way to the airlock. They drop down to a series of platforms until they reach a room of riches stripped bare.

  • Warden AI: Treasure awaits below. It calls to you, yes? Stand strong. You survived the Prison of Elders. Retreat to airlock. You fought. you won. Your treasure awaits.

Or alternatively

  • Drifter: Hey. Shiny.

Or alternatively

  • Drifter: Ooh, what's this?

Or alternatively

  • Drifter: Now that's what I call a live-fire cleanup. Must feel good to finish what you started.

Or alternatively

  • Drifter: That Warden's Servitor put a whole prison in front of you just to keep you away. And you survived. Haha. That's messed up.

Or alternatively

  • Drifter: Are you a hero or an executioner? Cuz I can't tell. That's why I like you. Ridin' that thin, thin line.
  • Ghost: I said that. I said that in orbit on the ship. Did he bug our ship?

The Guardians open the chest and it disappears. The floor then disappears from under the Guardians and they fall to the Correction Labs.

  • Drifter: Haha. Looks like the Trickster left you a present. I hated her. Ha, but she made me laugh.

Or alternatively

  • Drifter: Nice moves, slick. You're not the first one they tried to catch with that. Last time didn't go so well.
  • Drifter: This's the backup control room. Where the Warden's Servitor keeps his closest friends and angriest inmates. Good luck.

Or alternatively

  • Drifter: You're in the prison mainframe - the crazy Servitor's nest. Buckle up. He's got some grizzled veterans with him.

The Guardians enter into the Correction Labs.

  • Warden AI: An old friend is here Judgement at hand.

The Mad Warden summons Vex reinforcements, led by Edyx, Exothermic Mind, and Cabal reinforcements, led by Zhagal, Disgraced Colossus

  • Warden AI: Cabal reinforcements unleashed
  • Warden AI: Vex reinforcements advance
  • Warden AI: Cabal strategist, Val Aru'un
  • Warden AI: Time stalker of the Vex, the Overmind Minotaur

The Guardians defeat the Mad Warden

  • Drifter: Thanks for your help out here "Chosen One". So, hey. Confession time. Spider asked me to get a crew together to take the prison back from the Barons. And you did great. So, uh, I'll clean up behind you and Spider'll sell this place back to the Awoken.
  • Ghost: We want a cut.
  • Drifter: Haha. I like your style. But you all already got a cut. it's right there in front of you.
  • Ghost: Right.

Or alternatively

  • Ghost: What's your scam here, Drifter? You always have one.
  • Drifter: No scam.
  • Ghost: My Guardian just eliminated a small army to kill one Servitor. You have an army?
  • Drifter: Careful who you threaten. I just wanted to help my favorite Guardians out. Guy can't do that? I thought this was a new Golden Age. Be kind to each other, am I right?
  • Ghost: I'm sorry.
  • Drifter: You're the sorriest things I ever saw.

(Mission Ends)


Vex - Sol Collective Prisoners
Cabal - Red Legion Prisoners
Nightfall Champions




  • Warden of Nothing features strong callbacks to the House of Wolves expansion, featuring soundtracks and the entire Fallen arena from the original Prison of Elders activity.
  • For the purposes of bounties and quests, Warden of Nothing is considered to be in the Tangled Shore. With the release of The Witch Queen expansion, its node was moved to the Dreaming City and now counts as that location for bounties. However, after returning to orbit, the background is still that of the Tangled Shore.
  • All the enemies encountered in the strike used to have unique designations, but the great majority were renamed to their basic version with the release of Beyond Light.
  • This is the only Nightfall Strike to feature all three Champion type enemies.

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