The Inverted Spire

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This article is about the Strike on Nessus. For the Vex ruin, see The Inverted Spire (location).


Exodus Crash

The Inverted Spire
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Destiny 2




Arcadian Valley, Nessus


Discover why the Red Legion is deploying teams to Nessus.

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"The Cabal awoke something deep beneath Nessus' surface..."
— In Game Description [1]

The Inverted Spire is a Strike Located on Nessus.


  • Investigate the Cabal
  • Defeat all hostiles
  • Access the Conflux
  • Press forward
  • Traverse deeper
  • Eliminate the Vex
  • Cross the Digsite
  • Approach the Drilling Site
  • Eliminate Drill Site security
    • Eliminate Drill Officers
  • Board the Cabal Drill
  • Repel all attackers
  • Cross the Dig Site
  • Get clear of the Drill
  • Investigate the Digsite
  • Defeat the Modular Mind




{Loading Screen}

  • Zavala: Welcome to Nessus. This planet is crawling with Vex. The Red Legion have sent in crews, and we need to know why. Failsafe, are you online?
  • Failsafe: Commander, your favorite AI is primed and ready. I have prepared back doors into several key Vex systems. We have detected a series of seismic disruptions. The Cabal may be responsible.
  • Zavala: We need to know what we're dealing with. Yours are the boots on the ground, Guardian. Good luck.
  • Ghost: Oh, look! Look! Its a Vex milk waterfall, we can stop and - aww.
  • Ghost: Oh. We're walking into the light. I think there is a metaphor here and I don't like it.
  • Ghost: Hey Failsafe! You're all cozy in your data core. Any advice on an energy shield?
  • Failsafe: I believe the nearby Vex constructs maintain that barrier.
  • Ghost: Well, I could've - OK we'll shoot them.
  • Ghost: What could the Red Legion possibly be drilling for?
  • Failsafe: Friendly query: what have you done to attract such hostile species to my planet?
  • Ghost: And of course the drills have armed crews.
  • Failsafe: If its helpful, I suggest you deal with the drills when the shooting stops.
  • Ghost: The shooting never stops.
  • Failsafe: Just so you know: I have detected a massive Vex energy signature.
  • Ghost: And the only way to reach it is down past those giant, pointy drill bits? Good!
  • Ghost: I hope this is safe. The Cabal don't need to stick the landing. We do.
  • Ghost: Zavala's gonna owe us big for this.
  • Ghost: This is fine. This is fine. This is fine. This is just fine.
  • Ghost: That made the Crucible feel safe.
  • Ghost: Uh, guys? We've encountered a massive Vex Mind.
  • Failsafe: Watch your back friend! I'm detecting multiple ordnance types.
  • Ghost: You're not helping!
  • Ghost: Energy change! Watch out!
  • Ghost: In your face!
  • Ghost: It's not getting up from that! Zavala, we're good!
  • Zavala: Well done. Failsafe, what's your assessment of this incident?
  • Failsafe: Vex records indicate the Cabal discovered the Mind, and dug into this world to capture it. Had the Red Legion achieved their goal, I estimate a 60% chance this planetoid would have been destroyed in the ensuing battles. Luckily, the captain stepped in.
  • Ghost: Huzzah!

{Mission Ends}


  • This strike was shown off for the first time during the Destiny 2 gameplay premiere.
  • This strike was the lone PvE activity available to players during the Destiny 2 beta.
  • If players manage to kill the boss before reaching the final stage of the encounter, the chest will spawn at the final layer, but generate no additional enemies.
  • There is a very low chance that a single Drake Tank spawns in the “ Eliminate Drill Site security“ section before entering the Cabal Drill, right after the descending platforms, though Protheon himself was not aware of this.



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