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"Void, Solar, then Arc. Hmm. We're not naive enough to think the order is a coincidence. But we've got bigger things to worry about."
Trichromatica Shell.jpg

Trichromatica is a Exotic Ghost shell that can be acquired by playing the Nightfall strike The Inverted Spire.


I'm not sure why my journaling subroutine has come back online! It's quite troubling.
(All the things to freak out over and my diary is top of the list?)
The Red Legion's drilling has impacted my processing in some way! That shouldn't be possible. My concern is escalating!
(Calm down, me. There's always something I can do.)
But rewriting my own pathways isn't permitted by my original programming!
(Neither is whining.)
That was uncalled for! I'm refocusing on identifying the source of this change.
(No, I'm going to make those red losers regret coming to our little rock.)
No, I'm analyzing the oscillating nature of the Modular Mind's shield to find weaknesses that can be applied to anti-Cabal weaponry. Why am I doing that?
(Because I'm doing it, not me.)
…This is all very worrisome!
(Yeah, I should get an external diagnostic run. By no one. Because they're all dead.)


  • Banshee's Favorite: Generate Gunsmith telemetry data on any elemental weapon kills at an increased rate.
  • Nessus Experience Log: Gain 10% more XP while on Nessus.
  • Nessus Cache Detector: Detect caches within a 30-meter range while on Nessus.

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