Hexed Shell

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"For Ghosts who put a spell on you."
— Ghost Shell Description

Hexed Shell is a Exotic Ghost shell introduced in Season of the Witch.


The Knight wrenched his cleaver from the skull of the fallen Wizard. His opponent's body twitched and sizzled with latent Arc energy. He raised his blade above his head, saluting the statue of the Witch Queen that loomed above them.

"Existence is worthiness," the Knight intoned. "That which cannot defend itself must die. This is the one true shape. Aiat."

The Knight's salute went unanswered, as expected. The small stone chamber lapsed into silence. It had been thus for as long as he could remember.

A fragile bringer of Light materialized in the air above the Wizard. The Knight quelled the urge to reach out and crush it. This restraint was the Queen's only decree.


The Wizard screeched with rage as she was pulled unwillingly back into consciousness. Her eyes flew open, blazing with fury.

Her opponent crouched warily, his cleaver still smoldering with soulfire. The Wizard propelled herself upward, mustering her Light into crackling Arc bolts. She unleashed them upon the Knight, who erected a barricade to intercept the blast.

In his moment of defensiveness, the Knight lost sight of the Wizard. When he lowered his barricade, he discovered a ball of Arc energy pulsing at his feet. It exploded, burning the flesh beneath his chitinous armor to a blackened char.

The Wizard hovered over the Knight. His smoking corpse filled the chamber with acrid fumes.

She raised her clawed hand toward the silent statue. "Existence is worthiness," she intoned. "That which cannot defend itself must die. This is the one true shape. Aiat!"