Contender's Shell

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"Nothing pleases me more than to see you fight."
— Emperor Calus
Contender's Shell.jpg

The Contender's Shell is an Exotic Ghost shell that can be acquired at the end of the Leviathan Raid and the Raid Lair Leviathan, Eater of Worlds.


You know now that I am Calus, the last and greatest emperor of the Cabal.

You know that I am Chief Gift-Giver, the Good Host with the Generous Banquet, the Prince of Mirth, and the Lord of Laughter. My plans are always bounteous, my orders delightful to obey. And though the seats at my table are prized beyond measure, the bold and passionate will never fail to earn a place in my hall.

And when I tell you of the role I have set aside for you in the great luxuriant expanse of my designs, you will know that the wonders I have shown you are only the beginning.


  • Seeker of Brilliance: In addition to their normal rewards, encounters on the Leviathan can award Bright Engrams. This chance increases each time no Bright Engram drops.
  • Seeker of Opulence: Exotic drops from encounters on the Leviathan have a 50% chance of being an Exotic not already in your collection.

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