The Festering Core

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The Festering Core






Echo Mesa, Io

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The Festering Core is a Strike added in Shadowkeep. A team of Guardians investigate increased Vex activity in The Endless Gate at Zavala's order, only to discover with the help of Eris Morn that the Taken and their new Queen are once again making a move against the machines.


  • Investigate the Vex activity
  • Descend into the Pyramidion
  • Enter the portal
  • Find the source of the Taken incursion
  • Disable the Vex barrier
  • Destroy the Taken Blight
  • Defeat Baurisk, Envoy of Savathûn


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  • The Festering Core is the first activity to include a Taken Incendior.
  • The Cyclopes in this strike are unique in both appearance and behavior; the tips of their plates are covered in Vex energy, and they are capable of surrounding Guardians in suppression fields that slow them down and block their gunfire.