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The Lightblade


Destiny 2




Savathûn's Throne World


Find the Temple of the Navigator deep in the throne world and recover the Tablet of Ruin.

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Recover an artifact from a monument to Oryx, located deep in the swamps of Savathûn's throne world.

The Lightblade is a Destiny 2 Strike that debuts as a Story Mission in The Witch Queen expansion, located in Savathûn's Throne World.

It features a Guardian Fireteam, led by a tip from Fynch, traveling through the realm's swamps in order to obtain a relic that might give more clues on figuring out how Savathûn gained the Light, facing off against a recurring foe guarding the temple that houses the relic.


  • Reach the Monument
  • Defeat the Lucent Hive
  • Reach the Monument
  • Ride the Ferry
  • Lower the Barrier
  • Ride the Ferry
  • Defend the Ferry
  • Ride the Ferry
  • Reach the Monument
  • Defeat the Lucent Hive
  • Enter the Monument
  • Defeat Alak-Hul, the Lightblade
  • Acquire the Tablet


(Mission Begins)

  • Fynch: The temple to Oryx is protected by one of Savathûn's toughest warriors. He's guarding something - something you can use like you used Sagira's shell. But the only way in is through some old canals, which means we need a boat. Leave that part to me.

The Guardians ward off the Lightblade from the entrance

  • Fynch: Hey, hey, hey, hey, that's our guy! The one guarding the temple! What's he doing away from his post? This could be our chance.

Guardians enter the monument and battle the Lucent Hive inside. After killing all of the Lightblade's Warriors, a path at the rear unlocks.

  • Ghost: Look, back there. The path is unblocked.

Approaching the boat at the Temple of the Navigator (Story mode)

  • Fynch: So, Savathûn was impersonating Osiris, Ikora's friend and mentor, right? Maybe... Ikora slipped up. Said something that helped Savathûn get at the Light.
  • Ghost: Whatever happened between them, this isn't Ikora's fault.
  • Fynch: Sure, sure. I'm just saying. Ikora is a spy master, right? And Osiris is her friend. Yeah, you'd think she would've noticed...
  • Ghost: Savathûn tricked all of us, including you and every other Hive Ghost. We're not going to let Ikora take this on herself.

Approaching the boat at the Temple of the Navigator (Strike)

  • Fynch: There's your ride. You just hop on, and I'll handle the rest.

The Guardians board on the boat while Fynch programs it to drive

  • Fynch: Uh, these weird Hive controls... I mean, how does this... Ah! There it is- Here we go! Boat's moving!

A barrier prevents the boat from progressing

  • Ghost: Fynch? Why did we stop?
  • Fynch: Uh... I don't know. I didn't expect this. Just a... little hiccup! Heh. You can get that barrier down, right? Sure you can.

The Guardians deposit two Void Charges to disable the barrier. The boat starts transporting the Guardians along the canal

  • Fynch: Hey, hey, you did it! Good job. Boat's on the move again.

The boat stalls whilst Thralls swarm the Guardians

  • Ghost: Fynch, we're stuck again.
  • Fynch: Seriously? But I did the thing... it's just this Hive tech, it's so archaic... ugh, just give me a sec...

After defeating the Thralls, the boat moves again

  • Fynch: Got it!

The Guardians enter the swamp

  • Fynch: Okay, we're getting close to the swamp now. Temple's not far from here.
  • Ghost: You said this is a temple to Oryx?
  • Fynch: Yeah, that's right. Savathûn's brother. The Taken King himself.
  • Fynch: These two killed each other about a million times over, but she dedicated a temple to him. Eh, it's funny how that works. Now be careful here. Something happened to this place. It's overgrown with Darkness.
  • Ghost: I can sense Light here, though. I just can't see it. Maybe there's a safe path through...

The effects of the swamp cause the Guardians to become inflicted with Weight of Darkness. Waves of Scorn enemies and Lucent Moths home in on the Guardians traversing through. Eventually they reach the end of the swamp and navigate towards the temple

  • Ghost: Looks like we're all clear, Fynch. We're heading in.
  • Fynch: Careful. The Knight guarding this place? He's an old rival of Oryx, and he's no joke. Pretty funny that Savathûn has him guarding Oryx's temple, though.

The Guardians fight their way through the entrance to the temple, where the Lightblade awaits them. They enter the temple and battle the Lightblade

After defeating the Lightblade, the Guardians acquire a tablet (Story mode)

  • Savathûn: The tablets hide a riddle...
  • Ghost: Fynch, you were right - we found something. It's a piece of the Tablets of Ruin, the Tablets Oryx used to create Taken.
  • Fynch: I was right? I was right! I knew it. I knew the Taken were involved somehow...
  • Ghost: Alak-Hul's Ghost got away. It just left his body here.
  • Fynch: Ah, contingency plan. They're learning. Trying to stay a step ahead of you. But you got the tablet. That's the important part. That gets us one step closer to taking down the Witch Queen.

(Mission Ends)


Hive - Lucent Brood
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