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"All you need to know: us wandering Ghosts gave into the Hive believing we’d “found purpose,” and, well - peer pressure’s a hell of a thing, huh?"

Fynch is a Ghost that formerly served the Lucent Brood and became an ally to the Guardians within Savathûn's Throne World, now trying to help reveal Savathûn's plan involving the Light.


Fynch was one of many Ghosts allegedly persuaded by Immaru to abandon humanity and the Last City to serve Savathûn's Lucent Brood, under the belief that the Traveler had abandoned humanity and chosen the Hive as its new protectors. However, he began to have second thoughts about serving the Hive when he saw them using the Light against Guardians - leading his Knight partner "Ken" to question Fynch's allegiance. Frightened he was about to be exposed by his Lightbearer, Fynch either killed Ken or simply decided not to resurrect him after he was killed. When the Guardian ventured into Savathûn's Throne World and began stirring the Lucent Brood, Fynch reached out to them and eventually joined their efforts in unraveling Savathûn's latest scheme.

Personality and traits[edit]

Fynch is a very talkative, albeit nervous Ghost. He is living in constant fear of being exposed to the Lucent Hive as a defector, often asking the Guardian to run patrols for him so that he could report this as his Lightbearer's share of work in order to keep his cover. At first cagey and frantic, he grows to trust the Young Wolf up to the point of deeming them the only person who has ever believed in him. His relationship with Ghost gets off to a bumpy start, but upon proving his loyalty to the cause numerous times, Fynch is eventually accepted by the Little Light. He is under a great impression of Ikora Rey when she suddenly joins the comms during a mission, and expresses his old dream of working with the Vanguard - something she assents they can discuss if he proves himself trustworthy.


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  • Fynch is voiced by Ian James Corlett.
  • He claims to have known Osiris "back in the day".
  • Fynch reveals that he first met Ken in the Sepulcher.


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