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"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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First Ghost
Daddy Immaru[1]







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Lucent Brood


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Ghost of Savathûn, the Witch Queen


"All right, my little antisocial arthropods. This is First Ghost Immaru talking. Get your act together, Hive, while those Scorn regroup."
— Immaru in a broadcast to the Lucent Brood

Immaru is Savathûn's Ghost, and the field commander of the Lucent Brood. He goes by the title of "First Ghost".


"He wasn't going by "Immaru" back when he was tormenting young Ghosts!"
The Ghost

Immaru is among the oldest of the Ghosts, having often bullied his younger fellows according to the Ghost. When Savathûn had escaped her imprisonment by the Awoken Queen Mara Sov and died after the separation of her Worm, Immaru located her body on a precipice overlooking the Traveler and the Last City, scanned it and resurrected the Witch Queen as his chosen Lightbearer.

From then on, Immaru and Savathûn worked together rallying the Hive under the Witch Queen's banner and managing the growing number of Hive Lightbearers being risen by Ghosts flocking to her court now resplendent in Light. Once the Lucent Brood was established Immaru began serving as its field commander. Relaying orders through a patrol network in the Throne World, he now leads the Lucent Hive to defend the Witch Queen's domain from intrusions of Scorn and the Guardians.

From the palace, Immaru would watch Light spill from the Wellspring like water churning with the Darkness of the throne world, all while the Guardians below laid an assault against the Lucent Hive. While he calls the Human Lightbearers no better than Scorn, Savathûn tries putting her Ghost at ease and brought up that Humans attacking the unknown is in their nature; which is to control (or attack) just as Hive must test. Immaru would react in anger at the Guardians killing his fellow Hive-allied Ghosts and demands a Ghost-killing weapon from the Witch Queen as pushback against them. Savathûn would recall the Weapons of Sorrow that the Hive had previously found distasteful, to which she asks if he and his fellow Ghosts would see such tactics as an abomination. Immaru coldly answers her with "Not anymore".

Upon Savathûn's death at the hands of the Guardian, Immaru appears surveying the death of his Lightbearer while at gunpoint. Instead, the Ghost disappears upon a blinding flash of Light that the Traveler unleashes during its departure from the Throne World. Having retreated to an unknown location, Immaru continues to guide the Lucent Brood in securing the Throne World.

Personality and traits[edit]

"We lived with 'em. Saved 'em. Now they're ripping through us! Damn ungrateful, if you ask me…"
— Immaru's bitter words about Guardians

Unlike his elegant and calculating Lightbearer, Immaru is very blunt in his delivery and often sprinkles his broadcasts on the Lucent Brood comms with creative insults. Based on his dialogue, he is very unpleasant, often having a smug tone in his voice, and Ghost contemptuously refers to him as a bully. He doesn't appear to have any remorse for turning against humanity and the Last City by siding with the Witch Queen nor does he care about Hive Lightbearers killing Guardians. He resents humanity for conducting what he sees as an unprovoked assault on the Throne World and striking against Ghosts, so much as to suggest using the Hive's Light-smothering weaponry as a payback. Savathûn calls him loyal, a trait he goes on to prove by assuming the leadership of the Lucent Brood upon her death, all the while hiding from the Vanguard forces. His tactical prowess shows in the way he often uses the Hive's enemies to play into his own plans, setting the invading armies against each other or making Guardians run errands for him on patrol.


  • Immaru is a Sumerian word for "light".
  • According to Ghost, Immaru used to bully young Ghosts back in the day.
  • He began going by his current name only after joining the Hive.
  • If you look carefully at the scene where it is revealed how Savathun became a Guardian, Inmaru can be seen having the "standard" appearance of the Hive Ghosts beforehand. The reason for this is unknown.

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