High Coven

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High Coven
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Ascendant Realm


A Shadow Overhead


The High Coven, also known as the Court of Savathûn, is the court of Savathûn, the Witch-Queen, and her personal Throne World.


Following his defeat on Mars, Nokris currently resides in an unknown location within the simulated singularity of the High Coven on Io. During Season of Arrivals, Nokris would continuously pull the Guardian back and forth between Io and the Court of Savathûn to both taunt them and interfere their conversations with the Darkness.


  • The architecture of the High Coven bears a resemblance to some regions of the Dreadnaught. Whether this is simply an out-of-universe design choice or a deliberate parallel to Oryx is unknown.
  • Some of the elements integrated into the Court are also very similar to the landscape of Io - particularly the rocks, trees and grass.


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