The Imbaru Engine

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This article is about the Season of the Witch location. For activity with the same name, see The Imbaru Engine (activity).
The Imbaru Engine
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Court of Savathûn

Enemy factions:

Savathûn's Brood


The Imbaru Engine (activity)


The Imbaru Engine is a location in the Court of Savathûn. It was constructed by Savathûn, the Witch Queen for the purpose of generating Imbaru and is designed to confuse those who may enter.


When Savathûn sought to find another way to feed her Worm, she designed Imbaru, a system where she gains tribute from others failing to understand her schemes. [1] Thus the Imbaru Engine was constructed to generate her new method of gaining tribute.

Billions of years later, Savathûn would place one of Riven's eggs, free of Taken corruption in the Engine.

Later Eris Morn and Ikora Rey would uncover the engine. Knowing it must hold one of the Witch Queen's secrets, they would sent the Guardian to infiltrate it. The Guardian enters the Engine, discovering a test left behind by the Witch Queen, the Cunning Test. Opening the chests with the correct Hive runes, the Guardian completes the test and leaves the Engine. To uncover the other secrets hidden within, the Guardian returns to the Engine to begin the Strength Test. They kill Thralls and Knights in the correct order, successfully completing the test. Shortly after Savathûn's resurrection, the Guardian arrives back to begin the Navigation Test, they shoot the Arc, Solar, and Void Hive runes and enter the correct mirrors, completing the puzzle.

Due to the Spire still responding to the Guardian's magic, Eris sends them to infiltrate the Spire once more. Immaru would tell them that Savathûn left them one final puzzle to complete. The Guardian acquires the flames from the Engine, Altars of Summoning, and the Spire to rekindle braziers. This opens a door to another room where the Guardian begins the Test of Truth and Lies, they interact with the correct runes to complete the Witch Queen's final test. Upon the completion of the test, a door opens to a room with the Ahamkara egg. Realizing what it is, Eris orders the Guardian to leave, however Ikora, questioning why Savathûn left it there and wanting to keep it out of her hands states they must bring it back to the Athenaeum. The Guardians takes the egg and brings it to the Athenauem.



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