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Savathûn's Throne World, Ascendant Realm

Enemy factions:

Lucent Brood (sparse, events only)

Connecting areas:

Disciple's Bog
Florescent Canal
Witch's Echo

Area type:


Public Events:

Ether Ritual
Resonant Destruction

Patrol beacons:



Miasma is a swampy region of the Court of Savathûn that is under the sway of the Scorn. It is littered with ruined Hive structures and Scorn constructions. Its northeast side features a dirty, muddy path that leads into the Florescent Canal region and runs under collapsed Hive fortress walls, suggesting that the Scorn created the path originally by tunneling under the walls of the Hive fortress and breaking in, similar to techniques used by Medieval warriors to assault a castle. The easternmost part, the entrance to the Disciple's Bog, is blocked off by a large gate, enchanted with a Hive Rune and guarded by Lightbearer Knights.


During the Vanguard's operations in the Throne World, The Guardian would be asked by Fynch to explore parts of the Miasma as a show of trust. The Miasma would later be explored in a more official facet, while searching for a way to make use of the memories connected with Sagira's Shell, leading the Guardian deeper into the tunnels to the Witch's Echo[1]. After Savathûn, the Witch Queen's plans were thwarted, a Guardian firetam would break through the Hive-protected gate to Raid the Sunken Pyramid and defeat whatever threat lay within[2]. Similar operations would repeat later on[3]. Queen Mara Sov would also instruct the Guardian to search for a way into the Dark City starting from here[4].


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