High-Value Target

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A Fissure Knight that roams the Moon

High-Value Targets, or HVTs, are special enemies that can appear in Patrol or during Gambit matches.


A High-Value Target can appear in Patrol spaces as a World Event. It will begin patrolling the area, attacking both hostile combatants and Guardians alike, until it is killed, or it flees. It will usually be a Major enemy of a faction present in the Destination, with high health and damage, and quickly regenerating Absorption Shields if known to possess them. Occasionally, they can be found defending their chest in a static location, or escorted by allies that roam alongside them. Their appearance, death, imminent disappearance and escape will be announced by messages on the screen.

Location Fallen Hive Vex Cabal Taken Scorn
EDZ Ransack Servitor, Despoiler Captain, Ransack Vandal Impact Centurion
Titan Despoiler Captain Fissure Knight
Io Storm Hydra, Storm Minotaur Blighted Centurion, Blighted Wizard
Nessus Despoiler Captain Storm Minotaur Impact Centurion
Mercury Elite Mercury Defender Brawl Gladiator
Elite Mercury Conqueror
Mars Ilheru Xolborne, Ultorg, Breath of Xol, Yer'ot the Forgotten Bracus Ghurm¥
Tangled Shore Despoiler Captain Major Mindbent Ogre¥ Major Corrupted Chieftain¥, Major Deranged Abomination¥
Dreaming City Fissure Knight Fanatic's Chosen
Moon Ransack Servitor, Despoiler Captain Fissure Knight, Fissure Ogre¥
Cosmodrome Despoiler Captain, Ransack Shank¥ Fissure Knight
Europa Enforcer Brig, Disciple of Kridis, Technocrat's Assistant, Warrior's Enforcer Storm Minotaur
Court of Savathûn Ultra Lightbearer Acolyte, Ultra Lightbearer Knight, Ultra Lightbearer Wizard Ultra Corrupted Chieftain
Derelict Leviathan Imperial Centurion, Imperial Incendior, Nightmare of Tlazat, Fed to Beasts¥, Nightmare of Uaoc, Spine Breaker¥ Nightmare of Evoks, the Burned¥, Nightmare of Ky'leks, the Docked¥
Neptune Malignant Hydra¥, Malignant Minotaur¥, Malignant Wyvern¥, Quantum Harpy¥, Quantum Wyvern¥ Esteemed Centurion, Esteemed Colossus¥, Esteemed Legionary¥, Goliath Tank, Honored Centurion

¥ Indicates that the enemy is escorted by allies.


About halfway through the game, a High-Value Target will appear. It will be a glowing Major enemy of the same race as the one currently being fought. It will spawn at a Front, and move through them all the way to the opposite side. If not killed in time, it will disappear. When damaged, it will begin leaking Motes of Dark, and will release a shower of them when killed, alongside a Heavy Ammo Brick. A total of 12 motes can be collected from a High-Value Target. Its arrival, death, imminent disappearence and escape will be announced both by the Drifter and messages on screen.

Gambit HVTs


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