Nightmare of Uaoc, Spine Breaker

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Nightmare of Uaoc, Spine Breaker
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Combat information


Patrol Derelict Leviathan


Power Slug Thrower
Arc Cabal Cluster Missiles


Summon Nightmare Legionaries
Blinding Effect
Slowness Debuff
High Durability
Limited Flight


The Nightmare of Uaoc, Spine Breaker is the Nightmare of a Cabal Loyalist Colossus that can appear at the Pleasure Gardens area aboard the Derelict Leviathan.[1]


The Nightmare of Uaoc is one of the potential high-value targets that can randomly spawn in the Pleasure Gardens area of the Derelict Leviathan.

When a message that reads "A high-value target is nearby," it means there is a chance that the Colossus is roaming the surrounding area. They will arrive on the cliff next to the corridor headed to the Royal Pools. This Nightmare comes armed with a powerful Power Slug Thrower, that it will gleefully use to shower the player in a hail of firepower. It will also frequently use its Cluster Missiles to disorient foes and make them easy prey for them or their allies. Getting too close to the Colossus will prompt it to use its Quake, knocking back anyone who is caught within its radius and severely damaging them. The Nightmare of Uaoc will make its way slowly across the short side of the room, and then go back again, whilst summoning Elite Nightmare Legionaries for backup as it goes. Killing these enemies will make them drop Unstable Essence, which will allow you to deal extra damage to the boss. If the target is not killed fast enough, it will depart from the area. If you are successful in defeating the Nightmare before it despawns, you will be rewarded with a chest for you to collect loot from. You will also complete one of the requirements for the 'Controlled Burn' Triumph, which requires you to eliminate both the Nightmare of Uaoc and the other potential target in the Pleasure Gardens: the Nightmare of Tlazat, Fed to Beasts.

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